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Teachers discuss how using TI-Navigator in the classroom increases student interest and achievement.

Oct 26, 2005

DALLAS - (October 26, 2005) - Fewer than 15 percent of U.S. students have the mathematics and science prerequisites to participate in our global, high-tech economy1. To help increase student interest and competence in math and science and help prepare students for college and future careers, many teachers are turning to newer classroom technologies that teach tomorrow's workforce using today's concepts of collaboration and engagement.

TI-Navigator Learning System creates an engaging learning environment using a teacher's computer, TI-Navigator software and a class set of TI graphing calculators which many students already own. The students plug their graphing calculators into TI-Navigator's wireless hubs placed around the classroom in order to communicate with the teacher - either as a group or as an individual. The technology allows each student the ability to participate in a collaborative learning experience without fear of embarrassment.

Unlike traditional chalkboard lessons, TI-Navigator provides teachers the capability to see - in real time - what each student understands and then tailor their teaching based on the class' level of understanding. Research suggests that by using the TI-Navigator, teachers can implement instructional strategies that can lead to improved student interest, engagement and achievement.

Mathew McClenahan, a mathematics and history teacher at High Tech High School in Los Angeles says, "By using the Quick Poll and LearningCheck™ applications on TI-Navigator, I can quickly analyze what each student understands by sending the class a quiz that generates instantaneous results. What's even better is that I can give my students instant feedback on their results, which is more meaningful to them than waiting for a day or two to see how they did on a quiz or test."

Quick Poll allows teachers to quickly check student comprehension of a particular activity by sending out a question or impromptu survey to the entire classroom. Student responses are then recorded in real-time, allowing the instructor to capture the teachable moment and adjust lessons or coursework as necessary. LearningCheck enables teachers to easily create and send more formal assignments and quizzes straight to the students' calculators, which the students complete and electronically submit to teachers.

A team of mathematics teachers from Amarillo, Texas recently began using TI-Navigator and have already noticed a team-oriented atmosphere within their classroom when using Activity Center, a feature that enables students to actively contribute in real-time to a shared workspace that is housed on the teacher's PC.

"What's great about Activity Center is that students help each other understand key concepts by discussing what things went wrong together as a class," said Tanja Miller, an Algebra II teacher at Caprock High School in Amarillo. "Since I typically show results from the students anonymously using my projector, students enjoy trying to solve tough problems because they know they will not be singled out if they get the answer wrong. And with the ability to collect answers quickly from the entire class I can see responses from every student, not just the same group of students who typically raise their hands."

Miller's colleague, Bill Prestwood, who teaches Algebra I/II and Geometry at Caprock High School, said that when evaluating teaching tools for the classroom, the most important aspect he considers before purchasing is whether the device will engage students in the subject. Prestwood says, "When students are engaged in the topic, which I have found to be true with TI-Navigator, they are likely to achieve more." Prestwood also finds TI-Navigator helpful because the interactive capabilities allow students to discover difficult concepts on their own with a higher level of thinking as opposed to being told right and wrong answers.

McClenahan continues, "It's one thing to teach a student to memorize formulas and plug in numbers - but when I can get a student, or better yet the entire class, to understand the meaning behind a mathematics problem, it's a whole new level of thinking that many times teachers cannot reach with students."

Not only can teachers quickly assess student understanding using TI-Navigator, they can also see on their computer what screen appears on each student's graphing calculator by using the Screen Capture feature. "This feature not only allows me to make sure students are staying on task. It also helps me to see what steps they might have missed during their problem solving," says McClenahan.

Many teachers across North America have already discovered the benefits of TI-Navigator and see their students inspired to learn more about math and science. Texas Instruments is constantly helping to inspire students and teachers reach a new level of understanding in math and science.

TI-Navigator can be used with the following TI graphing calculators: TI-84 Plus Silver Edition, TI-84 Plus, TI-83 Plus Silver Edition, TI-83 Plus and TI-73. TI-Navigator is available through instructional dealers located around the country. For a list of dealers, please visit http://education.ti.com/navigator.

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1Southern Methodist University