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TI Announces Volume Production of TMS320F28x(TM) Controllers with 64 Times Greater PWM resolution

Starting at Less Than $5, TMS320F2801, F2806 and F2808 Devices offer 100 MIPS of 32-bit Performance

Oct 20, 2005

HOUSTON (October 20, 2005) — Delivering a clear path to more innovative and cost-effective embedded control applications like digital power conversion, motor control and advanced sensing, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced volume production of its TMS320F2801, TMS320F2806 and TMS320F2808 digital signal controllers. Based on TI’s leading digital signal processing (DSP) technology, these 32-bit controllers feature a highly integrated, control-optimized peripheral mix that includes a patent pending pulse width modulator (PWM) with 64 times higher resolution than the nearest competitor for faster control loops and quicker system response as well as more accurate control systems—making these controllers instrumental in applications ranging from digitally controlled power supplies and laser-based air and medical sensors to high performance, vector-based motor control. For more information on F2801, F2806, and F2808 controllers, see www.ti.com/f280xpr.

Digital Power Applications Surge Ahead

The TMS320F28x™ controllers’ unmatched PWM technology enables the use of digital control in high switching frequency supplies like those found in wireless base stations, network servers and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). As power system designers face increasing pressure to handle more complex power requirements such as managing higher efficiencies over wider loads, lower output voltages and multiple power supply synchronizations, digital power provides intelligent adaptability and flexibility to satisfy any complex power requirement with the straight-forward ability to monitor, process and adapt to system conditions.

TI based digital power solutions where recently highlighted when a team of undergraduate students from Monash University, Victoria, Australia won a $10,000 first-place prize in the 2005 IEEE International Future Energy Challenge (FEC) for their highly efficient power converter solution based on an F28x™ controller (see www.ti.com/monash).

Early this year, TI announced its Fusion Digital Power solutions that includes the DSP based UCD9K high resolution digital power controllers which make power solutions much more energy efficient by providing the capability and flexibility to optimize power conversion over a broad range of loads. For additional information on TI’s digital power supply solutions and the recently announced Fusion Digital Power™ line of UCD9K, UCD8K and UCD7K power solutions, see www.ti.com/digitalpower.

F28x Controllers Used For Medical and Industrial Intelligent Sensing Applications

Researchers at Rice University, Houston, Texas recently tested laser-based air and medical sensors using F28x controllers to detect the presence of specific gases in concentrations in the range of parts per billion to (ppb) parts per trillion (ppt). Pulsed quantum cascade (QC) laser-based sensors use laser absorption spectroscopy to measure electromagnetic radiation for applications including spacecraft air quality monitoring, breath analysis to detect certain medical conditions, volcanic emission monitoring and networked air monitoring of combustion sources and noxious gasses in urban-industrial settings. TI’s highly integrated TMS320F2812 controller operates the lasers, converts and then processes the optical detector signals into highly precise measurements.

Unparalleled Performance and Complete System Integration

With a DSP core and the C-language efficiency and ease-of-use of a MCU, F28x controllers offer a leading 100 MIPS of 32-bit DSP performance and up to sixty-four times greater PWM resolution than competing architectures. The ability to position the edge of a PWM signal with 150 ps precision or 16 bits accuracy in a 100 KHz control loop enables faster transient response and smaller ripple amplitude to eliminate ‘limit cycle’ issues in digital power applications.

The F280x controllers integrate a number of peripherals including 128 KB of flash memory, a 12-bit, 16-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC), 16 independent PWM channels, quadrature encoder pulse (QEP) and time stamping capture inputs for position sensing. This high integration enables a single F2808 device to control up to five independent three-phase motors simultaneously. A 32-bit wide data path ensures superior execution performance while mixed 16-/32-bit instruction achieves excellent code density. Key communication interfaces include multiple CAN, I2C, UART and SPI ports.

Pricing and Availability

The TMS320F2801 controller is $4.95, the TMS320F2806 is $7.45, and the TMS320F2808 is $9.95, all in production quantities. Each device is automotive qualified and available in both a 100-pin LQFP and 100-ball BGA package. The F2808 eZdsp Starter Kit (TMDXEZS2808), available for a discounted price of $395 (for a limited time) through TI’s authorized distributors and on the web, includes hardware tools, TI’s comprehensive Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE), and application software backed by expert training and extensive online support materials to get designers started developing embedded control applications immediately. For more information, see www.ti.com/f2808ezdsp.

TI Enables Innovation with Broad Range of Controllers

From ultra low power MSP430 and 32-bit general purpose TMS470 ARM7-based MCUs to high performance TMS320C2000™ digital signal controllers, TI offers designers the broadest range of embedded control solutions. Designers can also accelerate their design to market by tapping into TI’s complete software and hardware tools, extensive third party offerings and technical support. For more information on the broad range of TI’s controllers, see www.ti.com/mcu