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Texas Instruments Announces New VoIP Gateway Platform for T1/E1 Enterprise Applications

Newest Addition to Gateway Family Includes Enhanced Features and Flexible Software for Improved Voice over IP on Enterprise Networks

Oct 3, 2005

MADRID, Spain (Oct. 3, 2005) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN] today announced a new Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway platform targeted at T1/E1 enterprise applications. The TNETV2520 is based on TI’s digital signal processing (DSP) technology and award-winning Telogy Software® for VoIP, and can be implemented in standalone VoIP gateways or as a VoIP gateway card in legacy PBX or IP-PBX applications. Extending its line of solutions based on TI’s TMS320C55x™ DSP architecture, TI’s newest gateway product provides seamless voice and fax communications between traditional and packet telephony systems, enabling large business customers to migrate to VoIP while maintaining the same high-quality communications they are accustomed to.

The TNETV2520 incorporates TI’s newest VoIP software features, including advanced conferencing support with full conferencing bridge services, and is the first enterprise gateway implementation of TI’s enhanced security framework, which includes support for SRTP. Its media independent interface (MII) also allows easier scaling to configure with additional systems as the enterprise expands, supporting multiple instances of T1 or E1. Additionally, this latest VoIP gateway architecture includes TI’s voice quality management features, enabling an end-to-end view of voice performance as the end user experiences it by extending how quality is currently monitored and managed on IP networks. With this new approach, customers will be able to proactively monitor quality with real-time diagnostic tools and historical reporting capabilities, enabling them to identify trends and avert problems before customers are impacted.

"As the enterprise gateway market continues to evolve, we have worked closely with our customers to determine their requirements for VoIP technology that provides the highest levels of performance and voice quality for the enterprise," said Fred Zimmerman, executive director, CPE solutions, TI’s Packet Voice and Video business unit. "TI’s experience in manufacturing advanced silicon coupled with our field-proven VoIP software has enabled us to rollout a new solution to our customers that has been optimally architected with the features, scalability and flexibility that meets the requirements of the high volume CPE gateway market targeting T1/E1 applications."

A key requirement of VoIP systems is the availability of large on-chip memories to handle the flow of channel data required by enterprise gateway platforms during voice and fax processing. The TNETV2520 eliminates the need for external memory, thereby reducing system power dissipation and system cost, and optimizing board density. The device also has a versatile set of on-chip peripherals allowing very efficient system integration. The TNETV2520 is further enhanced by the addition of TI’s Telinnovation™ echo canceller to the Telogy Software framework, providing enterprise gateway manufacturers the industry’s most widely used echo cancellation technology. The Telinnovation echo canceller is regularly specified as an essential element of new equipment purchased by service providers migrating to packet-based architectures.

TI’s VoIP gateway architecture complements the industry’s widest portfolio of VoIP silicon and software products deployed worldwide, with solutions ranging from one telephony channel to OC-3 (2,016) telephony channels. The TNETV2520 combines a dual core 300 MHz C55x™-based device with Telogy Software to create VoIP gateway platforms targeted at medium and high density gateways, wireless media gateways and remote access servers. This product provides voice processing and conference bridging capabilities supporting 64 channels of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM), 32 channels of G.729AB and 24 channels of G.723.1A. Additionally, each core can support up to 16 channels of conferencing.

TI has been supplying technology to the IP telephony industry since its inception and is the leading provider of VoIP solutions. TI holds the largest share of the VoIP Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) market and has provided technology for more than 80 percent of all residential and enterprise VoIP gateways

Availability & Price

The TNETV2520 supports voice and fax processing, and is currently available with pricing starting at less than $75 for 10K unit volumes. Pricing will vary based on the required software configuration and quantities. A software development platform, reference design, and VoIP software are also available

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