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Texas Instruments Unveils Integrated Power Management IC for OMAP™ and XScale® Based Mobile Devices

1.5-MHz Power Conversion Chip Provides up to 97 Percent Efficiency with Dynamic Voltage Management

Oct 4, 2005

DALLAS (Oct. 4, 2005) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today a power conversion integrated circuit (IC) that supports power supply requirements for OMAPTM-based mobile handsets and XScale®-based multimedia devices. See: www.ti.com/sc05209.

TI's TPS65020 power management unit integrates high-performance analog building blocks to support multiple voltages in single-cell lithium-ion (Li-Ion) powered applications, such as smart phones, PDAs, digital still cameras, and portable audio and media players. The device incorporates three synchronous step-down DC/DC converters with integrated FETs, three linear regulators (LDOs), and an I2C communications interface that allows full programmability and dynamic voltage scaling of the core voltage.
The TPS65020's three integrated converters are designed to efficiently transfer the core voltage, peripheral, I/O and memory rails of a PXA270, OMAP1610 or OMAP1710 processor-based system. A 1.2-A DC/DC steps down the system voltage with up to 97 percent efficiency at a 3.3 V output. A second 1-A converter supports system memory with up to 95 percent efficiency. The third 800-mA converter manages the power to the processor core with up to 90 percent efficiency. The device's 1.5-MHz switching frequency allows designers to reduce board space by applying small external components, such as 2.2-uH inductors. Additional low-dropout regulators in the TPS65020 supply power to PLL, RTC and SRAM subcomponents, and achieve a low quiescent current of only 85 uA.

Programmability and Low-Power Design

To further conserve battery power, the TPS65020's DC/DC switch-mode converters enter a low-power mode at light load for maximum efficiency across the widest possible range of load current. The device also features a serial interface, which is compatible with the standard and fast-mode I2C specifications, allowing data transfers at up to 400 kHz. The interface adds flexibility to the power supply solution and enables instant programmability via dynamic voltage scaling reacting to changing system requirements. 

TI's Focus on Extending Battery Life

TI continues to provide innovative analog and digital technologies focused on improving power and performance in three critical areas of the system. First, advanced battery management technology intelligently charges the battery and accurately measures its capacity. Second, switch-mode power conversion translates the battery power as efficiently as possible to supply system components. And third, new advancements in TI system power and performance management, such as SmartReflexTM technology, analyze and manage power consumption in the processor domain, while adaptively controlling the power supply through software to optimize the use of battery power. 

Pricing and Availability

The TPS65020 is available in volume production from TI and its authorized distributors. The power management unit comes in a highly reliable, 40-pin, 6 mm x 6 mm QFN package, and is priced at $3.75 each in quantities of 1,000 units. Evaluation modules of the TPS65020, application notes and TI's online power management product selection tool are available through power.ti.com.