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Power Management Pioneer Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award for Contribution to Power IC Industry

Oct 5, 2005

DALLAS (Oct. 5, 2005) -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today announced that Bob Mammano, TI's chief power technologist widely known as the "father of the integrated pulse-width modulation (PWM) controller," will receive Power Electronics Technology magazine's 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award.
"For the past 45 years, Bob Mammano's inventions helped launch the age of switching regulators and switch-mode power supplies, which according to iSuppli is today an estimated $3 billion market" said Rich Valley, vice president of TI's System Power Management business. "His SG1524 and subsequent IC product innovations have simplified switching power supply design, while also making them smaller and more cost-effective."
Mr. Mammano's accomplishments are described in the September issue of Power Electronics Technology magazine in an article by editor David Morrison (www.powerelectronics.com). The publication will present the Lifetime Achievement Award on October 25 during the opening session of Power Systems World Expo (www.powersystems.com) at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore. The annual award continues to recognize individuals who have significantly advanced the power electronics industry through their contributions. 

About Bob Mammano

Bob Mammano has more than 45 years of experience in analog power control technology with 16 patents in this field. He has participated in new product definition, technical marketing, and has been a significant part of Unitrode's and TI's Power Supply Seminar programs since 1981. Mr. Mammano has a degree in physics from the University of Colorado (Boulder).