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Chipcon Updates RadioDesk™ Reference Design with Laser Technology

Oct 10, 2005

OSLO, Norway (October 10, 2005) -- Chipcon AS, a leading provider of high-performance, low-cost, low-power RF-ICs announces the release of the RadioDeskTM laser mouse reference design. This updates the previously released RadioDesk reference design, utilizing a new laser navigation sensor.
The new Agilent Technologies ADNS-6030 laser sensor offers much improved mouse tracking performance as well as improved battery lifetime. The laser mouse can be used on virtually any surface with improved resolution compared to conventional optical solutions, while the battery life time of the mouse is extended to almost six months (two AA alkaline cells).
Since the release of the first Chipcon RadioDesk reference design in April this year, customer response has been enthusiastic. "We have been in contact with the biggest players in the wireless keyboard/mouse market, and the response has been tremendous," says Karl H. Torvmark, Chipcon's Product Marketing Director for Consumer Electronics. "Our customers appreciate the unique combination of robustness, long battery life time and very low cost that RadioDesk provides. The time has come for widespread adoption of advanced 2.4 GHz solutions in the HID market place."
The RadioDesk RF protocol has been designed from the ground up to address the most important end user concerns facing wireless HID developers: robustness, coexistence with WLAN, Bluetooth and other 2.4 GHz devices, long battery lifetime and low latency. The RadioDesk protocol is based on adaptive frequency hopping. Together with the excellent blocking performance of the CC2500 radio, the protocol ensures the industry's best coexistence performance. The typical range of Chipcon's platform is 10-15 meters, much further than possible with older 27 MHz solutions. There is a clear trend in the market towards 2.4 GHz, both among design houses and consumers.
The two-way RadioDesk solution is also the only low-cost wireless solution on the market to allow wake-up of the PC from suspend mode using a wireless keyboard or mouse. This is achieved by using the CC2500 radio's unique Wake-On-Radio feature to keep the power consumption under the 500 uA USB suspend limit.

Pricing and Availability

The wireless laser mouse reference design kit is priced at $199 per kit, includes a sample cordless laser mouse and all schematics, PCB layout and firmware source code.