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TI introduces industry's first eight-channel, digital-input serializer

Highly integrated inputs save up to 60 percent of board space in a broad range of industrial applications

Jun 16, 2008

DALLAS (June 16, 2008) - Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced the industry's most highly integrated digital-input serializer, which incorporates eight channels and flexible features to provide high-density signal conditioning in a single, compact device. The new serializer converts eight digital inputs, ranging from 0-V to 34-V, into a single data stream on SPI interface, which simplifies the design and saves overall board space for industrial automation and test and measurement equipment. (See www.ti.com/sn65hvs882-pr.)

"Customers are being challenged to design higher-density industrial automation systems that fit in smaller spaces," said Art George, senior vice president of TI's High-Performance Analog business unit. "The SN65HVS882's innovative architecture makes it easier for designers to solve both problems by providing a high-performance, compact solution for signal conditioning in high-density systems."

Industry's most compact serializer solution for industrial applications

The SN65HVS882 integrates several key functions, which typically must be performed by external components. The high channel density and feature integration allow engineers to reduce overall board space up to 60 percent compared to competing solutions. Several SN65HVS882 eight-channel serializers can be cascaded through an integrated SPI port, reducing both the isolation channels and controller pins required for high channel-count input modules. In addition, the internal programmable de-bounce feature filters out spurious pulses up to 3 ms on noisy switch inputs, eliminating the need for external components or software. These capabilities help provide a more cost-efficient, high-density input system.

Integrated features ease design

The SN65HVS882 includes an array of features to reduce the complexity of high-density systems and speed time to market. The built-in voltage regulator converts the industrial 10-V to 34-V field voltage to a 5-V level, suitable to power the system's isolation device or logic controller. The new serializer operates over a wide temperature range of -40C to 125C, enabling applications such as process control systems, factory automation, or test and measurement equipment. Additionally, the serializer provides individual outputs that can be connected to LEDs, allowing the designer to easily observe the input status.

The device's adjustable input current limit allows the use of a single resistor to set the maximum input current in the range of 200 uA to 5 mA, which reduces system-level power dissipation by more than 50 percent in typical industrial applications. For example, power savings is 275 mW per channel for 24-V applications with a 5-V and 3 mA turn-on point. Low system-level power dissipation is critical for applications like elevators or programmable logic controllers.

Support tools and signal chain solutions reduce design time

Easy-to-use evaluation modules and prompt sample delivery from TI help customers speed up the design process. To further simplify design, TI offers devices such as the ISO7241 quad-channel digital isolator, the DCR022405 isolated DC/DC converter and 32-bit TMS320F28x digital signal controllers to provide a complete signal chain solution for high-performance, high-density systems.

The SN65HVS882 contributes to TI's broad interface product offering, including families of products for USB, RS-232, 1394, LVDS, RS-485, CAN and UART standards. Please see the Interface Selection Guide for more information.

Pricing and availability

The SN65HVS882 is available now from TI and its authorized distributors in a 28-pin HTSSOP package. Suggested resale pricing is $3.00 in 1,000-piece quantities.