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Texas Instruments recognizes Tel Aviv University School of Electrical Engineering Lab Manager for his contributions to embedded processing technology

Jacob Fainguelernt presented with DSP Educator Award for his extensive contributions as teacher, innovator and author

Jun 17, 2008

TEL AVIV (June 17, 2008) -- In recognition of the important role played by Universities in educating engineers in new technologies such as embedded processing, Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE:TXN) has presented the TI DSP Educator Award to Jacob Fainguelernt of the School of Electrical Engineering of Tel-Aviv University (TAU) in Tel Aviv for his outstanding contributions to innovations in embedded, real-time signal processing education. Fainguelernt's contributions include the creation of new digital signal processing (DSP) labs in TAU for the instruction of students and the facilitation of their projects. Mr. Fainguelernt has developed, supported and maintained a versatile and impressive level of DSP activities in these labs, ranging from implementation of leading-edge, real-time video and audio processing algorithms, to the introduction of DSP-aided techniques into power-supply technologies. He has played an important role in the signal processing education of hundreds of graduate students, not only in applying the theory and practice of DSP, but also in directing their professional careers through fertile links into the industry. He authored the new Teaching ROM: "From MATLAB&#174 and Simulink&#174 to Real Time with TI DSPs," in which he incorporates his knowledge and educational experience to create a superb set of application-oriented classroom materials together with The MathWorksTM. The ROM will be published in July 2008 and distributed to universities world-wide.

As a result of his efforts in creating innovative student projects, Mr. Fainguelernt has become an essential source of insight for students and professors in Israel. He has led various workshops and helped set up embedded processing labs in other Israeli universities and colleges.

"As an academic coming from Israel, it is a great honor for me to be awarded with the DSP Educator Award," said Mr. Fainguelernt. "This award acknowledges the excellent level of education in digital signal processing that my university has attained over the last six years. It underlines a strong working relationship with Texas Instruments that has helped my students get their hands on the latest technology and also contributed to growing the technical workforce and competencies of several embedded processing-focused companies, including TI itself. I look forward to continuing this outstanding relationship."

"We are very pleased to be able to present Mr. Fainguelernt with this award," said Robert Owen, TI European University Program Manager. "The role of educators and universities in spreading embedded processing technology is fundamental. By creating labs and teaching material, they give students precious access to leading-edge technology, laying the foundations for the DSP engineers of the future to innovate and develop new applications and markets."

Texas Instruments is committed to supporting excellence in education and research. Since 1994 the University Program has provided support to universities to work with embedded processing technology. As the use of embedded processing becomes increasingly prevalent in consumer and industrial applications the importance of the role played by universities and educators in teaching the engineers of the future to innovate with this technology continues to grow. As a result, TI currently supports around 2,000 universities worldwide and maintains close co-operative links with a hundred of these under its Elite University Program. Over 1,000 DSP labs have been set up in Europe and the Middle East under the University Program since its inception, and worldwide the program reaches more than 100,000 students each year. For more information on TI's European University Program, visit: www.ti.com/europe/university.