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CEZZER® Multimedia Technologies leverages Texas Instruments' DaVinci technology to provide HD Video-on-Demand services

Customers now benefit from improved image quality on the latest flat panel HDTVs

Jun 18, 2008

PARIS (June 18, 2008) - CEZZER&#174 Multimedia Technologies is pleased to announce its high-definition (HD) video-on-demand (VoD) terminal, the CEZZER videoclub, which can provide VoD to Internet subscribers who have an unlimited Internet connection. To help achieve this capability, CEZZER has selected a processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), the TMS320DM644x digital media processor based on DaVinciTM technology. This processor allowed CEZZER to quickly bring to market an innovative consumer appliance that provides VoD to all Internet subscribers with an unlimited Internet connection at rates starting from 512 Kbit/s. Additionally, CEZZER has just announced partnering with TF1 Vision, a major video portal in France.

CEZZER's HD40 VoD videoclub terminal utilizes TI's DM644x system-on-chip (SoC) digital media processor as its sole processor. The DM644x is based on TI's TMS320C64x+ core and an ARM926EJ-STM. The C64x+ core performs WMV9/AC-1 720p video decoding, while the device's ARM9TM implements the sophisticated and user-friendly interface, I/Os and Microsoft DRM. Except for memory, virtually all the devices in the unit, including Analog (audio & video), Clocking, Power, MSP430, Logic and ESD protection come from TI.

"Thanks to DaVinci technology and TI's offerings in analog, logic and microcontroller solutions optimized for digital media, we were able to develop our HD40 videoclub in just 18 months with a small engineering team," explains Patrick Touzeau, CEZZER's CEO, previously R&D manager at Philips before he started his own company. "This is our first product, and we greatly value the extensive range of development tools and the expert support of TI's field application engineers. Further, various members of TI's Developer Network provided development aids and software libraries to help us to keep our program moving along quickly. In all, TI's technology and support have allowed us, as a newcomer, to take a leading position in the VoD market that will ensure the success of future products on our roadmap."

To utilize the device, the user simply plugs the unit into his/her home television and Internet box, and then turns on the unit. The user can either watch a movie already stored on an internal hard disk that is automatically updated, or make a selection of another movie from a large video catalogue. The user pays for the selected movie and if it is not already stored on disk, then the CEZZER videoclub downloads it immediately so that the user can view it in less than 24 hours time.

Due to the device's hard disk, CEZZER videoclub is nomadic. Once a program is ready to read, the user can just plug the videoclub into any television and watch it, without the need for an internet connection. In addition, a USB device allows the reception of free over-the-air TV programs transmitted using DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast - Terrestrial), and the videoclub supports both analog and digital video outputs.

"The CEZZER videoclub greatly benefits from the processing power and digital video capabilities offered by the DM644x digital media processor," said Jean-Marc Charpentier, Digital End-Equipment Business Development Manager, DSP Product Group EMEA, Texas Instruments. "Additionally, the scalable processors, software and application programming interfaces offered across DaVinci technology will enable CEZZER to more easily create a comprehensive product line of consumer devices."

"We are delighted to add the CEZZER videoclub to our customer offerings," says Pierre Brossard, CEO at TF1 VIDEO. "We can significantly expand our customer base because this capability will be extremely attractive to the 60 percent of Internet French subscribers who do not have high-speed Internet connections and cannot access to existing VoD on TV of tripleplay offers. Now HD VoD content is readily available to everybody. Most of all, CEZZER came with a ready to use solution which was easy and quick to interface with our catalogue. Further, the CEZZER VoD videoclub's ease of use is outstanding, which adds to the user experience."