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NICE Systems selects Texas Instruments DaVinci™ technology for its next-generation IP video analytics surveillance system

Leading global security firm to use TI DSPs in edge devices for implementation of advanced analytics and addressing evolving standards

Jun 18, 2008

TEL AVIV (June 18, 2008) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), today announced that NICE Systems has selected TI's TMS320DM6467 digital media processor based on DaVinciTM technology for its next-generation NiceVision Net edge devices as part of its complete end-to-end solution for IP video surveillance. The programmable DM6467 performs advanced encoding and compression, as well as video streaming and analytics to a central location.

There is a growing global trend of network-based IP video using the highest quality video available replacing analog infrastructure and digital video recorders. To support these distributed architectures, NICE is utilizing the latest DaVinci device, the DM6467, a digital signal processor (DSP)-based SoC that is tuned for real time, multi-format high-definition video transcoding. The DM6467 integrates both an ARMTM and a DSP core, along with a High-Definition Video and Imaging Co-Processor (HDVICP), as well as PCI bus and Ethernet among its connectivity peripherals. The programmability and flexibility offered by the processor allows for customers to meet changing standards in video codecs, provide software updates and new features to field-deployed units.

The combination of features in the DM6467 allows the development of intelligent edge devices with a broader scope of functionality including high-quality video, more sophisticated compression algorithms for streaming video on the internet, as well as analytics.

"The rapid proliferation of IP video surveillance is promoting the use of distributed surveillance architecture with intelligence migrated towards the edge of the network, now allowing our customers an even more cost-effective solution," notes Igal Dvir, CTO for NiceVision, NICE Systems Ltd. "Intelligent edge devices, such as in the NiceVision Net portfolio support advanced compression and streaming capabilities, as well as video analytics on board. TI's leadership in the video surveillance market and its clear roadmap were among the main reasons for taking the decision to further enhance our relationship and implement our intelligent edge devices using this technology."

"TI values the long term relationship with NICE Systems and is committed to help NICE to innovate in highly competitive security markets with TI's analog and embedded processing products," says Jean-Marc Charpentier, Digital End-Equipment Business Development Manager for DSP Products.

NICE security customers utilizing NICE's advanced video surveillance solutions include among others, worldwide mass transit authorities, including New Jersey Transit, Belgian railways network, the China Ministry of Rail and the Beijing Metro; the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and the Shanghai Pudong Airport; as well as public-sector customers, such as the European Space Agency, the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty in New York and many others.