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Texas Instruments and Arrow Electronics Present Analog eLab Webcast

Precision Signal Conditioning for Delta-Sigma Data Converter Systems

Apr 28, 2005

DALLAS (April 29, 2005) – Design engineers are invited to register at www.ti.com/analogelab for a live Analog eLab Webcast entitled “Precision Signal Conditioning for Delta-Sigma Data Converter Systems.” Presented by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) and Arrow Electronics (NYSE: ARW), the Webcast will air at 11:00 a.m. CDT (18.00 hrs CET) on Wednesday, May 11, 2005. Hosted by TI analog expert Bill Klein, P.E., the session will provide design engineers with an online lab environment for a discussion on theory and demonstrations at the lab bench. Klein’s guests for this Webcast are Michael Ashton, applications engineer at TI and Bob Fugerer, senior field applications engineer at Arrow Electronics.

The free, hour-long session will instruct viewers on designing with delta-sigma data converters. To take advantage of the precision and accuracy of these converters, engineers must pay close attention to the input signal conditioning circuit, reference voltage source and the design trade-offs that effect power, speed and accuracy. The panel will discuss signal conditioning techniques as well as necessary trade-offs that ensure optimum delta-sigma data converter performance. They will also cover certain applications that may not need any signal conditioning.

During the lab segment, Klein and Ashton will explore the precision and accuracy characteristics of delta-sigma data converters and discuss filtering and amplification requirements for optimal performance. A special Q&A segment will follow the discussion and lab demonstrations. Viewers are welcome to e-mail their questions to Klein for on-air ideas and recommendations.

Analog eLab Design Engineers Bill Klein, P.E. is a senior applications engineer with the high-performance linear division of TI. He joined TI through its acquisition of Burr-Brown in August 2000. Author of over 50 magazine articles, application notes and conference papers, Klein also has a monthly column, “A Call I Took Last Week” on Planet Analog. His experience as an analog circuit designer covers 30 years in fields ranging from mineral exploration to medical nuclear imaging.

Michael Ashton holds a BSEE from Georgia Tech and is an applications engineer at TI. He specializes in precision data converter electronics, DC-to-audio range signal processing and embedded systems. Currently, Ashton supports TI’s industrial delta-sigma data converter line.

Bob Fugerer received a BSEE from Vanderbilt University, an MSEE from the University of Tennessee and an MSEM from the University of Alabama – Huntsville. Fugerer has 20 years of electronic design experience including mixed digital and analog hardware for instrumentation and controls, electro-optical interfaces, digital signal processing, programmable logic, embedded DSP algorithms and software. In addition, he has authored technical papers for various journals and has developed DSP design tools for seminars.

TI offers analog engineers a wide-ranging support infrastructure that includes training and seminars, design tools and utilities, technical documentation, evaluation modules, an online KnowledgeBase, a product information hotline and a comprehensive offering of samples that ship within 24 hours of request. For more information on TI’s complete analog design support visit www.ti.com/analog.