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Latens and Texas Instruments Protect IP-based Content and Revenue for Digital Broadcasting Applications

Apr 14, 2005

Belfast and Dallas (April 14, 2005) - Reinforcing its commitment to deliver highly protected content and revenue systems to the ever-changing digital broadcasting industry, Latens Systems has ported its IP CAS to Texas Instruments´ [NYSE: TXN] (TI) digital media processor platform. Now, a new generation of content-oriented services, such as Pay-TV and Video on Demand (VOD) services via IP set top boxes, personal video recorders (PVR), personal computers (PC) and other consumer devices, will be protected against piracy. The combination of Latens´ solution with TI´s TMS320DM64x generation of high performance, fully programmable digital media processors, delivers an optimal and secure transaction system to equipment manufacturers and IPTV operators, protecting their broadband content and revenue streams. This new solution will be showcased at TI´s booth (# SL3845, south hall) at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas, April 18-21, 2005.
Enabling flexibility in design and rapid implementation of new services, Latens' open platform content and revenue protection system has been designed to protect and control access to valuable content in Video on Demand (VOD), IPTV and other content delivery applications. Latens' security systems employ new IT security techniques and use the power of two-way digital networks to provide next generation Conditional Access (CA) for broadband and digital cable networks through Secure Software Modules (SSM) in the set top box. The SSMs are monitored and managed across the network and whenever necessary are updated or replaced through the network.
"The integration of our next generation security architecture with TI's high-performance DSPs enables IPTV and Pay-TV operators to get to market in record time and with set top boxes that combine high-levels of security with advanced new functionalities," says Jason Rogers, CTO, Latens.
"Combining TI's high performance digital signal processors and their support for advanced software coding technologies with Latens content protection systems allows OEMs and IPTV operators to get to market faster with fully secured media content," said Arnaud Duclap, business development manager for TI's Video/ Imaging DSP group in Europe. "It also enables the protection of new revenue streams deriving from content-driven video services over the existing bandwidth."

TI´s DM642 Generation of Digital Media Processors

Delivering real-time secure data hinges largely on a high performance, programmable processor at the heart of the product. By decoding the stream locally, the TI platform is making the content format virtually invisible to the consumer and expanding the inherent functionality of the streaming media appliance. In addition, having a programmable core at the heart of the design enables OEMs to upgrade to new or revised standards through a simple software download. All of these capabilities combine to provide OEMs flexibility to evolve their designs to keep up with ever-changing technology demands.

The DM642 supports a full range of advanced audio and video coding algorithms from MP3, AAC and Windows Media


 Audio Series 9 to MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, Windows Media


 Video Series 9 and other codecs. Ideal for streaming video applications, including web browsing, video on demand, personal video recording features, high definition TV (720 lines) and video conferencing systems (H.323, SIP, H.263, H.264), the device also supports the Linux operating system.

Available in a range of performances from 500MHz to 720MHz, the DM642 gives customers multiple performance, price and integration options. TI hardware, third party software, video codecs and middleware for the DM642 are available now alongside hardware and software development kits to reduce time to market.