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ObjectVideo and Texas Instruments Technology Empowers Customers to Implement the Latest in Intelligent Video Surveillance

OEMs Leverage ObjectVideo OnBoard™ Product Line to Further Differentiate Product Offerings

Apr 11, 2005

HOUSTON (April 11, 2005) – Speeding the development of digital video surveillance systems, ObjectVideo®, Inc. and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced the implementation of ObjectVideo OnBoard™, a product line that includes ObjectVideo’s leading intelligent video application software optimized for operation with TI’s DSP-based digital media processors.

ObjectVideo OnBoard is designed to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) build intelligent capability directly into their products, allowing them to further differentiate their products, accelerate time to market, and more easily offer customer-specific solutions.

“As a leader in providing actionable intelligence solutions for networked video security and business intelligence, Verint is leveraging TI’s TMS320DM64x™ generation of DSP-based digital media processor and ObjectVideo OnBoard to expand our suite of advanced analytics edge devices to the security market.” said Jean-Paul Saindon, senior vice president, Video Product Development, Verint. “With the addition of ObjectVideo OnBoard, we are enhancing our own DSP-based analytics capabilities and continuing to offer our customers advanced technologies to address their diverse security requirements.”

OEMs that announced the incorporation of ObjectVideo OnBoard in their products at ISC West 2005 include CoVi Technologies, a provider of advanced high definition IP cameras, and MangoDSP, a leading provider of DSP-based video processing platforms. Additional OEM security platform providers will announce their participation in the ObjectVideo OnBoard program next quarter.

“The use of ObjectVideo’s algorithms on a TI DSP-based platform allows CoVi to bring to market its Crystal HD high-definition video surveillance system with video analytics built in to it,” said Barry E. Walker, CEO of CoVi Technologies. “Each ObjectVideo enhanced CVQ-2100 series camera operating within a Crystal HD network provides dedicated DSP compute cycles and metadata tagged hard disk storage resources. Overall, this allows us to bring a truly intelligent platform to market, benefiting both our commercial and government clients.”

ObjectVideo OnBoard enables the development of embedded systems for security end equipment, such as video cameras, digital video recorders, network encoders or other video management platforms, which will make intelligent video analysis more accessible to the mass market. By incorporating ObjectVideo’s software into TI’s high-performance DM64x™ generation of DSP-based digital media processors, advanced video analytical capabilities are able to reside directly in edge devices. These end products will not only be able to capture and compress video for storage or streaming, but also analyze the video for security breaches and other unwanted occurrences, such as intruders or objects theft and generate real-time alerts.

Distributing these capabilities throughout a security system reduces the hardware requirements for an intelligent security system, thereby reducing system requirements and the overall cost of ownership for the end user. Additionally, end users benefit from higher performance, more flexible configuration options and improved bandwidth utilization.

OEMs can take advantage of unique aspects of the ObjectVideo OnBoard program to differentiate their product offering. OEMs in the ObjectVideo OnBoard program take advantage of the following:

Selection of products – A selection of products designed for the DSP platform.

Pricing & licensing models – Pricing and licensing models designed to quickly bring an integrated and intelligent solution to market.

Reference hardware designs and robust API Framework – Reference designs for hardware and a thorough set of software APIs to promote plug-and-play integration with any device and any existing software environment.

Sales and marketing support – Joint selling and marketing initiatives to maximize OEMs’ ability to hit sales targets, train OEMs and offer initial support for OEMs’ customers.

Defining Intelligent Video Capabilities

ObjectVideo’s intelligent video analysis algorithms, based on artificial intelligence called “computer vision,” run all objects in a camera’s view against pre-programmed rules. When an object violates a rule, for example, a person crosses a tripwire or an object disappears from an area of interest, the software alerts security personnel by phone, pager, email or an alert console. Customers of ObjectVideo’s technology include the Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection Bureau, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Air Force, the Department of Energy, the Port of Jacksonville, Port Everglades, Miami International Airport and a variety of private sector businesses.

OEMs interested in an ObjectVideo OnBoard demonstration should contact Bruce Thompson, Vice President of Corporate Development for ObjectVideo, at 703.654.9318 or bthompson@objectvideo.com. For more information on TI’s DSP-based digital media processor, see www.ti.com/tiovpr.