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Murata Joins POLA™ Alliance to Promote Standard, Non-Isolated Power Converters

Noted Manufacturer Collaborates with Texas Instruments, Artesyn Technologies, Emerson's Astec Power and Ericsson Power Modules

Apr 1, 2005

KYOTO, JAPAN (April 1, 2005) - Murata Manufacturing Co. and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today plans to expand a global effort to promote pin-compatible, non-isolated, point of load plug-in power modules and provide a second source centered on leading semiconductor technology.

Murata has joined the POLATM alliance, a group that includes TI, Emerson´s Astec Power, Artesyn Technologies and Ericsson Power Modules. Murata will offer telecom and data communications power supply designers pin-compatible footprints that provide the same functionality and form factors as other members of the POLA alliance. To date, POLA companies have manufactured and introduced more than 70 products with the same electrical designs to ensure full interoperability and true second sourcing.
POLA plug-in power modules, available today in volume production, are based on the PTHxx series with Auto-TrackTM sequencing, introduced by TI in 2003 (See: power.ti.com/sc03105.) Artesyn, Emerson´s Astec Power and Ericsson Power Modules are delivering POLA, pin-compatible modules to hundreds of customers. Murata´s plug-in modules are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2005. 
"In the Japanese communication-infrastructure market, Murata´s isolated power converters continue to maintain high market share because of our unique, state-of-the-art circuit design and module structure. However, a wider variety of products is required because of the recent popularity of distributed power architectures," said Mr. Harufumi Mandai, Vice President, Module Unit of Murata. "Therefore, we believe it is very appropriate to participate in POLA, which will let the market know our name and technologies. This also opens the market for Murata´s isolated power converters by having products based on the POLA market standard."
Late last year, POLA members announced their intention to join the PMBusTM digital protocol initiative with other leading power supply manufacturers and semiconductor makers. The coalition agreed to develop and support a new communications standard defining an open architecture for power systems control using an industry-standard I2C serial bus. POLA plans to implement the new digital protocol in future generations of plug-in power modules.