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TI's TMS320C55x(TM) DSPs Edge Out the Leading PC Microprocessor as Greatest Innovation of the Past 15 Years

Billions of people around the globe use products based on TI's C55x(TM) DSPs

Mar 28, 2005

HOUSTON, (March 28, 2005) –– Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) (TI) today announced that its digital signal processors (DSP) that helped spawn the wireless communications revolution were named the “Greatest Innovation of the Past 15 Years.” Honored by EDN magazine, TI’s TMS320C55x DSPs were heralded as the most significant design innovation in the last decade and a half, beating out the likes of Intel’s Pentium processor and products from HP, ADI and others. TI’s DSPs were recognized for excellence in innovation and honored for their truly outstanding engineering contribution to the electronics industry. For more information on the award winning products from TI, please see: www.ti.com/powerefficientperformance.

“Driven by strong customer demand for extended battery life and increased functionality, TI’s power efficient C55x DSPs are designed into some of the world’s most innovative applications and drive products that are used, every day, by billions of people around the globe,” said Mike Hames, senior vice president of TI’s Application Specific Products business.”

First introduced in 2000, TI’s low power C55x DSPs are the integral processors that helped propel the rapid adoption of the wireless digital cell phone and other communications and consumer product innovations.  Additional product innovations using C55x DSPs include digital cell phones, digital still cameras, internet audio players, digital radios and portable instrumentation.

TI´s C55x generation of DSPs help designers maximize battery life to previously unattainable levels in portable applications while meeting performance and cost goals. TI’s C55x DSPs offer an optimal combination of dual-MAC performance, peripheral options, small packaging and the best power-efficiency with the industry´s lowest standby power for 200 MHz-class DSPs. It boasts a variety of advanced power-down features including standby and sleep modes, dynamic voltage and frequency scaling of the processor clock, power control of individual internal functional units, and the ability to dynamically turn peripherals on and off.

EDN experts and readers also proclaimed TI’s TMS320C5000 DSP Low-Power Design Tool Suite the winner in the “Software” category for Innovation of the Year for 2004. TI´s C5000 Low-Power Design Tool Suite is the first comprehensive tool suite to offer previously inaccessible visibility into devices, eliminating the guesswork in determining actual DSP power consumption during product design. The tool includes software to implement the power savings features of the C55x DSPs in real-world applications.

A panel of EDN technical editors meticulously worked to identify the list of finalists in each category before EDN readers crowned TI DSP products winners in an online ballot. EDN announced the winners during a special ceremony at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco. For more information on these award winning products, please see: www.ti.com/powerefficientperformance.