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TI Unveils First Fully-Integrated Two-Channel 125 and 100 Watt Digital Audio Amplifier Power Stages

Innovative Single-Chip Digital Amplifier Provides Exceptional Clarity with Integrated MOSFET H-Bridges and Improved Overcurrent Detection for Driving Low Impedance Speakers

Mar 21, 2005

DALLAS (March 21, 2005) – Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), gave a boost to audio amplifier design by announcing two high-performance digital amplifier power stages, which are now sampling. These power stages mark the industry's first single-chip solution to drive two channels of 125 watts (W) per channel, as well as the first to drive two channels at 100 W. Manufacturers of DVD receivers and audio/video (A/V) receivers will be able to continue meeting the consumer demand for higher power with TI’s latest additions to its PurePath Digital™ technologies. (For more information, visit www.ti.com/digitalaudio12)

The TAS5152 power stage enables a wide variety of high performance applications, including 1000 W 7.1 channel systems, while providing complete, end-to-end digital amplification. TI also offers the TAS5142 dual-channel power stage for applications requiring 100 W per channel. With an industry-leading efficiency of greater than 90 percent, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 110 dB and an impressive total harmonic distortion (THD) typically less than 0.1%, the TAS5152 provides unparalleled performance and signal clarity while eliminating external components, reducing board space, increasing flexibility and lowering manufacturing costs.

As the newest additions to the PurePath Digital family of products, the TAS5152 and TAS5142 are pin-for-pin compatible and take advantage of integrated MOSFETs, improved gate drive technology and innovative overcurrent (OC) detection. Integrating two channels in a single package eases board layout, simplifies heat sink assembly and reduces the system bill of materials (BOM). The TAS5142 and TAS5152 incorporate new intelligent gate drive technology that reduces sensitivity to routing modifications without affecting EMI performance. The power stages also support TI’s latest innovation, a two-stage over-current detector, which manages over-currents, avoiding unnecessary shut downs and protecting against short circuit conditions. This feature allows the power stage to drive real world speakers with minimum audible artifacts during high power peaks in the audio source, while still protecting the power stage from high current conditions.

OC detection protects the power stage from high current levels caused by shorted speaker wires. However, peaks in the audio signal, and/or speakers with impedance droops, can trigger the sensing circuit, causing the speaker’s audio output to be interrupted. TI’s two-stage over-current detector improves the listener experience by virtually eliminating audio artifacts due to an interrupted audio stream. The TAS5152 and TAS5142 also allow the engineer to program the OC level to customize this setting according to the filtering inductors used.

"As consumers demand more power, TI continues on the forefront of innovation in the digital amplifier market space by setting new standards in sound and power capabilities," says Jeff Akgul, Digital Home Audio business manager at TI. "TI is meeting manufacturers’ needs by now offering both the highest audio performance and power solutions in the industry."

TI’s PurePath Digital™ Audio Technology

The TAS5152 and TAS5142 digital amplifiers are based on TI´s PurePath Digital technology, which allows consumer electronics manufacturers to build completely digital, end-to-end audio products with cutting-edge sound reproduction and the most lifelike sound in a compact form factor. By reproducing movie soundtracks or music exactly the way the artist intended, PurePath Digital technology offers the best in high-end digital entertainment to the everyday consumer. PurePath Digital technology complements other TI digital and analog products that support audio applications, such as digital signal processors (DSPs), switch mode power management, analog Class D amplifiers and audio converters.

Availability, Packaging and Pricing

The TAS5152 and TAS5142 digital amplifier power stages, which are pin-for-pin compatible, are available now. Both are packaged in a 36-pin PSOP3 package and priced at $4.30 and $3.90 each respectively in quantities of one thousand or more. The TAS5142 also comes in a 44-pin PowerPad™ package for applications that don’t need to drive two channels at 100 W simultaneously with expected release in early second quarter 2005.