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Texas Instruments Enhances its Carrier-Class Gateway VoIP Offering

New IP Conferencing Solution and Enhancements to Vocoders Address Customer Focus on Quality and Cost

Mar 8, 2005

SAN JOSE (March 8, 2005) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) [NYSE:TXN] today announced the addition of a flexible conferencing solution to its high-density TNETV3010 Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway product. TI´s new conferencing solution can be used in a variety of product architectures, including dedicated conferencing bridges or media servers, or it can be used as a component of a standalone VoIP gateway. TI is also furthering its technology leadership with a recently developed Enhanced SMVTM (selectable mode vocoder), which increases channel densities in carrier-class VoIP systems by approximately 20%, thereby reducing system costs for equipment manufacturers. Enhanced SMV offers the same subjective voice quality as the SMV bit exact implementation, but uses far less MIPS (million instructions per second), further optimizing TI´s TNETV3010 solution for high-density CDMA2000® wireless gateway designs. 
TI is also upgrading its high density product offerings by adding its Telinnovation Echo Canceller to its TNETV3010 product, providing networking equipment manufacturers a complete system incorporating the industry's most widely used echo cancellation technology. The Telinnovation Echo Canceller is regularly specified as an essential element of new equipment purchased by service providers migrating to packet-based architectures.
"TI is helping improve voice quality in VoIP networks by making our industry leading echo canceller a standard in our high density gateway products," said Ashley Johnston, executive director, infrastructure products, TI's VoIP business unit. "At the same time, we have also added new features, including conferencing and Enhanced SMV, to address our customers' key requirements: quality; cost; and innovation. This software-based solution is fully upgradeable in the field for adding future enhancements, giving equipment manufacturers' the flexibility they need in this dynamic market."

TI´s new conferencing solution allows effective communication between participants in both the TDM and packet world. Among the key features included in this solution are:

  • Intelligent speaker selection algorithm, required to ensure that noise does not degrade conference performance 
  • Support for multiple conferencing bridges -- up to 96 total conference ports 
  • The ability to add and remove conference participants 
  • Conference capability supports any combination of network and TDM participants, and conference participants are not limited to the same codec type 
  • No impact to per core channel capabilities and features due to the presence or initiation of a conference. 

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