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Shimon Systems Delivers Fingerprint Verification Reference Design Based on TI's DSP Technology

Shimon Systems' Fingerscan BIO-EM(TM) module helps with faster development of biometrics based, low power standalone user authentication systems

Mar 1, 2005

HOUSTON (March 1, 2005) – To speed the development of embedded biometric systems, Shimon Systems Incorporated (Shimon) and Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced the availability of Shimon’s Fingerscan Biometric Embedded Module (BIO-EM™), a unique, cost-effective fingerprint recognition module that authenticates users by capturing, converting, storing and matching user’s fingerprint images. See www.ti.com/shimonpr.

Based on TI’s TMS320VC5507 digital signal processor (DSP), the module is a complete, standalone solution for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), allowing them to build highly accurate authentication systems for various security applications, including point-of-sale terminals, automobiles, automatic teller machines, physical access devices and safety deposit boxes. The module offers increased accuracy and efficiency so that end products accurately identify users, reduce total recognition time and support battery operated products. It will also store a large number of fingerprint templates, so multiple users can be authenticated by a single system.

“Shimon’s reference design expands the possibilities for biometric deployments by lowering system costs and speeding time to mass deployment,” said Mike Chaudoin, senior manager of Biometric Solutions, Fujitsu Microelectronics America. “The Fujitsu MBF200 touch sensors and MBF310 Sweep Sensor provide unmatched 500-dpi image quality, while using minimum power, making them ideal for this TI DSP reference design platform.”

The BIO-EM is a flexible module for embedded applications that consists of two boards. The motherboard includes TI’s TMS320VC5507 DSP, memory, DC-DC power supply circuits, USB connector and LEDs while the daughterboard holds the Fujitsu touch or sweep sensors (MBF200 or MBF310). The daughterboard allows Shimon Systems to offer embedded biometric solutions with other sensors.

Developers of biometric systems that require customization coupled with fast time to market will benefit from the flexible design of the BIO-EM module and real-time processing capabilities of the DSP. The small, adaptable module is easily customized by developers and can be designed to operate in standalone mode and supports interface with a PC through a USB port for fingerprint registration and authentication.

TI’s TMS320C55x™ generation of DSPs is ideal for low power, portable devices, such as those used for biometrics, as it preserves battery life and has the inherent precision necessary to enable image enhancement of the fingerprint, leading to greater accuracy and improved matching speed.

“Coupling our DSP technology with Shimon Systems’ reference design is a natural progression in providing customers with the essential tools to create superior biometric security systems,” said Ram Sathappan, DSP biometric solutions manager, TI. “With this solution, Shimon and TI are answering all the demands of the biometrics industry, while providing the most viable path to standards and feature upgrades.”

“We chose to work with TI because of their leadership in the DSP business. Besides having a broad line of DSP chips, TI’s support is among best in the world. We are very excited about offering our embedded module based on TI’s TMS320VC5507 device as it is able to efficiently implement the image capture, enhancement and processing needed for accurate biometric products,” said Dr. Baldev Krishan, president and CEO, Shimon Systems Inc.

Pricing and Availability

The Fingerscan BIO-EM is available for US$ 249 in less than 100 units and also available for licensing. Licensing terms to be decided on a case by case basis depending on application and potential.