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TI Introduces Precision Data Acquisition Microsystems in Tiny QFN Package

Devices Integrate Precision ADC, DAC, Microcontroller and Flash Memory to Simplify and Enhance System Design

Feb 15, 2005

DALLAS - (February 15, 2005) - Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) today introduced a pair of low-noise, low-cost data acquisition microsystems in tiny 6mm x 6mm QFN packages from the company´s Burr-Brown product line. The new mixed-signal devices provide the industry´s best performance and value for demanding applications in industrial process control, portable instrumentation, and test and measurement. (See www.ti.com/sc05046.)

The MSC1201 (24-bit) and MSC1202 (16-bit) integrate a very low-noise delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC), an enhanced 8051 processor core, 4kB or 8kB of flash memory, 8-bit current digital-to-analog converter, on-chip oscillator, voltage reference and a variety of high-performance peripherals.
"The MSC1201 and MSC1202 raise the bar for mixed-signal devices by providing a complete data acquisition system in a 6mm x 6mm package with the industry's best performance and value. The flexibility of a pin-compatible resolution path along with advanced packaging and integration will be attractive to a wide range of high-performance, space-constrained applications," said Robert Schreiber, product line manager for TI's microsystem data converter products.
The enhanced 8051 core executes up to three times faster, with lower power, than the standard 8051 core. The MSC1201 and MSC1202 offers two flash memory sizes with pin and function compatibility, thus allowing the customer to freely migrate between devices as their code requirements change.
The noise performance of the MSC1201's ADC is 75nV, better than most standalone ADCs on the market and significantly better than any comparable mixed-signal device. The MSC1201's ADC also has a 1kSPS sampling rate with only 3mW of power consumption. The MSC1202's ADC offers 16-bit noise free performance at low data rates and can run faster than 2kSPS.

Inside the MSC1201 and MSC1202

The analog features consist of a 24-bit delta-sigma ADC (MSC1201) or 16-bit delta-sigma ADC (MSC1202), a flexible six-channel multiplexer, internal oscillator, PLL, burn-out detect, selectable buffered input, offset DAC, programmable gains of up to 128, selectable data output rate, programmable single-cycle settling filter, precision on-chip voltage reference or external differential voltage reference, on-chip temperature sensor, on-chip calibration, low voltage detect and brown-out reset.

The digital features include an enhanced 8051 microcontroller core with dual data pointers, two flash memory size options (4K, 8K), 256 bytes of SRAM, four I/O ports, a 32-bit accumulator/shifter, UART, two timers/counters, basic I2C interface, basic SPI interface and a watchdog timer.

Available Today

The MSC1201 and MSC1202 come in QFN-36 packages and are available now from TI and its authorized distributors. 1,000 piece pricing is based on the two flash memory size options (suggested resale pricing):