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Texas Instruments and Arrow Announce First Analog eLab Webcast of 2005

Free Lecture and Lab on Quantifying Amp to ADC - Distortion Considerations

Feb 2, 2005

DALLAS (February 2, 2005) - Design engineers are invited to register at www.ti.com/analogelab for a live Analog eLab Webcast entitled "Quantifying Amp to ADC - Distortion Considerations." Presented by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN), the Webcast will air at 11:00 a.m. CDT (18.00 hrs CET) on Wednesday, February 9, 2005. Hosting the Webcast is TI analog expert Bill Klein, P.E. This first session will provide design engineers with an online lab environment for a discussion on theory and demonstrations at the lab bench. Klein´s guest for this Webcast is motor control specialist Miro Oljaca of TI. 
Co-sponsored by Arrow, the free, hour-long session will demonstrate that interfacing an operational amplifier to an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) requires more than a simple plug-and-play approach. When the applied signal is from an analog multiplexer, the system slew rate and settling time are critical. If the system is tracking a continuous wave form, the selection of the R-C values for the flywheel network is also important. These factors play a major role in THD and SINAD performance parameters. From the SINAD value, the Effective Number of Bits (ENOB) can be calculated for the system.
Klein and Oljaca will perform lab bench demonstrations that will illustrate that the type of capacitor used in the flywheel and the nature of the output stage of the driving amplifier can have significant impact. Results with various amplifiers and converters will yield interesting design guidelines and provide insight for obtaining the best system performance.
A special Q&A segment will follow the discussion and lab demonstrations. Viewers are welcome to e-mail their questions to Klein and Ojlaca for on-air ideas and recommendations.

Analog eLab Design Engineers

Bill Klein, P.E. is a senior applications engineer with the high performance linear division of TI. He joined TI through its acquisition of Burr-Brown in August 2000. Author of over 50 magazine articles, application notes and conference papers, Klein also has a monthly column, "A Call I took Last Week" on Planet Analog. His experience as an analog circuit designer covers 30 years in fields ranging from mineral exploration to medical nuclear imaging.

Miro Oljaca, MSEE, is responsible for TI's high-precision motor control products that focus on industrial applications. During his 20 years in the motor control and power conversion field, his work has ranged from small fractional to several hundred HP designs. Oljaca holds 18 international patents in the motor control field and has published over 30 articles and papers.

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