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Mitsubishi Materials Selects TI's PurePath DigitalTM Technology for Power Line Communication (PLC) Wireless Audio Module

TI's Digital Amplifier Solutions Help Meet Audio Quality Needs of Manufacturers

Jan 31, 2005

DALLAS and TOKYO (January 31, 2005) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation (MMC) announced that Mitsubishi has selected TI´s PurePath DigitalTM technology in its latest power line communication (PLC) module, targeting wireless audio solutions for home theater applications and audio distribution networks. Leveraging TI´s digital amplifier technology, MMC recently developed its PLC units to seamlessly provide consumers with high quality full digital streaming audio. (For more information, visit www.ti.com/digitalaudio11.)
As part of its efforts to create the most effective wireless audio solutions for the home theater market, MMC is using TI's TAS5001 PWM processor and TAS5122 power stage controller in its reference design to prevent any degradation of the linear pulse code modulation (PCM) transmission. The reference design represents an exceptionally good solution for multi-channel home theater systems, as it leverages the distinct advantages of TI's PurePath Digital Technology, such as compact design and superior sound quality.
"TI's PurePath Digital technology provides us with the architecture for maximizing the full digital and linear PCM transmissions for our PLC products," said Mr. Takafumi Okamoto, Assistant Manager, Wireless Device Team, Electronic Components Division, Advanced Products Strategic Company of MMC. "With TI's help, we can achieve excellent sound quality, as its digital amplifier technology enables us to pack into a slim package the kind of features that are needed to deliver true-to-life audio resolution."
TI's TAS5001 is a 24-bit, two channel digital amplifier PWM processor, which uses noise shaping and error correction filtering algorithms to achieve superior dynamic range. The TAS5122, a two-channel power stage controller, uses various protection circuitry without a heat sink to enable 30 watt (W) two-channel output.

TI´s PurePath Digital Audio Technology

The TAS5001 and TAS5122 are both part of TI´s PurePath Digital technology family of products, which allows consumer electronics manufacturers to build completely digital, end-to-end audio products with cutting-edge sound reproduction and the most lifelike sound in a compact form factor. By reproducing movie soundtracks or music exactly the way the artist intended, PurePath Digital technology offers the best in high-end digital entertainment to the everyday consumer. PurePath Digital technology complements other TI digital and analog products that support audio applications, such as digital signal processors (DSPs), switch mode power management, analog-input Class-D audio power amplifiers and audio converters.

Mitsubishi Materials´ High-Speed Power Line Communications Technology

MMC´s High-Speed Power Line Communications audio module (MLD series) is a module specially designed for transmitting audio signals that the company developed using MMC Power Line Communication Technology. As the MLD modules easily interface with customer equipment, they allow customers to undertake quick development of PLC audio equipment. In addition to transmission of linear PCM audio, compressed audio and streaming with MLD modules, the sending of UART control signals is also possible. In particular, the company has realized development of the MLD051TM/MLD051RM module, which at 40mm x 25mm is the world´s smallest class of PLC modules.