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TI Focuses on 3G Asia Wireless Infrastructure Market, Delivering Greater Bandwidth for Better Connections to Base Station OEMs

New 850 MHz DSP Processor Enables Wider Network Coverage for TD-SCDMA, GSM/EDGE, UMTS and CDMA2000

Nov 15, 2004

HONG KONG, (November 15, 2004) – Pushing the envelope for wireless infrastructure bandwidth, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today introduced the industry's highest-speed digital signal processor (DSP) optimized for base station manufacturers deploying 3G networks such as TD-SCDMA for the booming China market. TD-SCDMA is a China-backed 3G wireless technology adopted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for 3G standards as well as the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). The technology is currently in several trial networks in China. The Chinese Ministry of Information Industry (MII) indicates that the number of mobile phone users in China has passed 315 million, which creates a tremendous opportunity for the wireless industry.

The new device – TMS320TCI100Q - gives wireless service providers the heightened bandwidth needed to deliver wider network coverage areas, clearer signals and cutting-edge features like wireless video download, and real-time video conferencing over a cellular handset. Additionally, for TD-SCDMA baseband processing, this product can reduce the number of processors for a full carrier from three to two. Improvements have also been made in power management, with the device operating at a cool 2 watts, decreasing the overall power per channel by 20 percent.

With the lowest power per channel in the market, TI's latest DSP is also highly beneficial for GSM/EDGE and UMTS transceiving applications as well as for transcoding/media gateway designs.

The TCI100Q is the newest member of TI's wireless infrastructure-optimized processors, and is also compatible with TI's TMS320C6000™ family of DSPs. It offers higher system integration with the added boost of Viterbi and Turbo co-processors. Code compatible with all current and future TCI and C6000™ family products, the TCI100Q gives OEMs an indispensable tool for creating new revenue opportunities in their markets.

"With 9 out of the top 10 base station OEMs using our solutions for 3G networks, TI has developed a compelling portfolio of products designed to give the customer maximum flexibility," said Jerold Givens, business unit manager of Wireless Infrastructure DSP at TI. "With the addition of the 850MHz product, manufacturers can now choose which solution best meets their needs for specific air interface deployments and network conditions. We know that consumer demand for increased bandwidth will continue to grow, and we will continue to push the power-performance envelope in our next generation of products."

As the wireless industry experiences explosive growth in China, Japan and South Korea, and as the United States adopts next generation networks, the TCI100Q offers OEMs upgrades across multiple air interfaces. For GSM/EDGE baseband processing and UMTS symbol rate processing, the 850 MHz device offers an 18 percent improvement in performance over the current 720 MHz option, and delivers added room for more channels or added features. And for transcoding/media gateway applications, the TCI100Q supports up to 48 NB AMR channels, up from 41 channels with the 720 MHz version, allowing for improved system density.

In addition to the benefits of the new device, only TI delivers a complete signal chain solution for wireless infrastructure OEMs. Developed over 20 years in the wireless market, TI's end-to-end approach allows customer to save development time and dollars that are better spent creating differentiated products and services. In addition to the speediest, highest performing silicon, TI offers complementary high performance analog parts that are optimized for the wireless market, including cutting-edge analog/digital converters.

OEMs also have access to TI's third parties in our 500+ member network who have developed unique code optimized for specific air interfaces.

Further simplifying the design process, TI offers customers software libraries as well as TI's proprietary development tool, Code Composer Studio™ (CC Studio). With CC Studio, designers working on the TCI100Q can take advantage of a development environment that integrates all the familiar PC host tools needed to take a real-time, embedded application quickly through the design process. This high level of integration allows DSP designers of all experience levels complete access from beginning to end of development and gets products to market fast.


The TMS320TCI100Q, TI's first WI DSP manufactured on our leading edge 90nm high-performance process, was released to production on September 30, 2004, and samples and production are available now. For more information on this product and TI's complete wireless infrastructure solutions, visit www.ti.com\wi850