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New Integrated PCI CardBus Controller Family from TI Provides High-Performance, Cost Savings for PCs and Consumer Electronics

Nov 11, 2004

DALLAS (November 11, 2004) - Building on its strength in PC Connectivity Solutions, Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) introduced today the industry´s newest integrated PCI CardBus controller family which incorporates 1394a (FireWire®), CardBus and Smart Card functionality. The family is ideal for the connectivity needs of notebook and desktop PCs, consumer electronic devices such as set top boxes, personal video recorders (PVR) and HDTV, as well as industrial control and other PC-based applications. (See www.ti.com/sc04178.) 

Family Supports Multiple Controller Functions

The PCIx515 family consists of four pin-compatible members allowing system designers to offer the best feature-set for different market requirements while leveraging pin-compatibility between designs and includes a three-function PCI controller compliant with PCI Local Bus specification. All of the family members include a PCI-based CardBus controller as PCI function 0. This is an independent PC Card socket controller, which provides bridging between the PCI bus and PC Cards. Two of the family members include a PCI-based 1394 controller as PCI function 2. The 1394 controller is compatible with IEEE Standard 1394a-2000 and includes the IEEE 1394 link and 1-port PHY. It supports data rates of 100, 200 and 400 megabits per second (Mbps). Two of the family members include a PCI-based Smart Card controller as PCI function 5. The Smart Card controller is used for communication with Smart Cards inserted in the dedicated Smart Card socket. (See Device Functionality table below.)


For CardBus needs, the PCIx515 family provides support for a single CardBus slot. This gives an effective trade-off between the reduction of system cost and maintaining the legacy requirements of many notebook users. The CardBus controller is based on TI´s industry standard CardBus technology. Even as Express Card is being introduced, most uses still have a need for a CardBus slot to support Compact Flash and legacy CardBus cards. The reduction to one CardBus slot is adequate for many of today´s computer needs. The PCIx515 supports USB switching for systems that desire an interim Express Card solution, until full Express Card slots are implemented.

Industry Leading 1394 Support

For 1394 applications, the PCIx515 family provides one 1394a 400 Mbps port. It is compatible with IEEE Standard 1394a-2000 and includes the IEEE 1394 Link and PHY (physical layer) with data rates of 100, 200 and 400 Mbps. TI´s full IEEE standard 1394a-2000 support includes connection de-bounce, arbitrated short reset, multi-speed concatenation, arbitration acceleration, fly-by concatenation and port disable/suspend/resume. TI is the market leader in 1394 with the only 1394b devices available in the market as well as a wide portfolio of 1394a Link, PHY and integrated solutions.

Security for Network and E-Commerce Applications

For security and e-commerce applications, the PCIx515 family provides a single slot Smart Card interface using GemCoreTM Technology from Gemplus, the world´s leading supplier in the Smart Card industry.

Based on this technology, the dedicated Smart Card interface is compliant with all Smart Card standards, including ISO7816, PC/SC, B1 (with CT-API) and EMV (Euro pay, MasterCard, Visa). This ensures that these devices will work with a wider variety of Smart Cards and Smart Card applications than other available integrated solutions.

TI's Smart Card controller conforms to EMV 2000 version 4.0 and EMV 2004 version 4.1, the latest version of a specification developed to ensure interoperability between chip cards and terminals on a global basis, regardless of the manufacturer, financial institution or establishment where the card is used. Smart Card applications include banking, retail, secure logon, security/ID, health care and trading cards.

Availability and Price

The PCIx515 device family is fully released and available from TI and its authorized distributors for sampling and production. Suggested resale pricing for members of this family begins at $4.60 per 1,000 units.

Packaging and Pb-Free

All of the devices within the family are available in the standard tin-lead (Sn-Pb) 257-terminal MicroStar BGATM package (GHK) or the 257-terminal high-temperature (260°C reflow) lead-free (Pb-free) and Green (RoHS - Reduction of Hazardous Substances) MicroStar BGA package (ZHK). For more information, vendor surveys or other conversion status information, please visit TI´s Pb-Free resource web site at: www.ti.com/leadfree.