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Texas Instruments Unveils Industry's First 90nm Single-Chip Bluetooth® Wireless Networking Solution for 2.5G and 3G Mobile Phones

New BRF6300 Offers Enhanced Data Rate, Lowest Power and Lowest Cost

Nov 9, 2004

DALLAS (Nov. 9, 2004) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced the industry´s first single-chip Bluetooth wireless networking solution using advanced 90 nanometer (nm) process technology. Through use of TI´s 90nm process and Digital RF ProcessorTM (DRPTM) technology, TI is delivering the industry´s best Bluetooth performance, lowest power and lowest cost for 2G, 2.5G and 3G mobile phone manufacturers in a single chip. The BRF6300 extends TI´s leadership in providing wireless solutions in 90nm and is the third single-chip Bluetooth solution using TI´s DRP technology. To date TI has shipped over two million units using 90nm process technology for several wireless and DSP products. (See: www.ti.com/brf6300.)
TI's BRF6300 single-chip solution supports the new Bluetooth specification v2.0 and enhanced data rate (EDR). TI delivers full EDR to deliver speeds up to 3Mbps in a Bluetooth network which is up to three times faster than previously possible. This level of bandwidth will support more intensive applications on 2.5G and 3G mobile phones such as video streaming and gaming, as well as faster downloads, e-mailing and more. The single chip also offers scalability for manufacturers since it will be software upgradeable to future Bluetooth enhancements.

The Benefits of TI´s DRP and 90nm

TI´s DRP technology and 90nm process enable the BRF6300 to integrate more onto a single-chip with lower system costs and power. The BRF6300 provides a 30 percent die size reduction over current solutions, greatly reducing the chip´s cost. Through its advance process technology, TI is able to deliver maximum battery efficiency and to provide the lowest cost solution through a reduced bill of materials (BOM), and through integration of all but six external components for the complete Bluetooth system onto the single chip. The BRF6300 offers the industry´s lowest power consumption, 100uA, during critical in-use Bluetooth scenarios such as page and inquiry scan, which is three times lower than current solutions. The single chip also offers power reduction during voice connection.

"Bluetooth wireless connectivity continues to see significant growth opportunities, especially within the mobile phone market," said Marc Cetto, general manager of TI's Mobile Connectivity Solutions business unit. "Recognizing this, TI has developed the BRF6300, the wireless industry's first Bluetooth single-chip in 90nm. Reflective of TI's historically innovative approach and experience in Bluetooth solutions, the BRF6300 will deliver low power, small size, low BOM and system optimization, allowing handset manufacturers to quickly deploy Bluetooth technology in mainstream mobile phone models."

Leveraging TI´s Wireless Expertise

The BRF6300 leverages TI´s expertise in wireless and mobile connectivity solutions including mobile Wi-Fi®. As a result, the BRF6300 offers improved coexistence and interoperability with WLAN. The BRF6300 supports a shared antenna architecture and coexistence mechanism when used with TI´s mobile WLAN chipsets. This level of coexistence enables the delivery data as well as Bluetooth voice and Voice over IP over WLAN in co-located environments like mobile phones. 

The BRF6300 is optimized to work with TI´s OMAP


 processors and wireless terminal chipsets. It is also integrated into several complete reference designs with TI´s OMAP processors and GSM/GPRS/WCDMA TCS cellular chipsets. 


The BRF6300 is expected to sample in Q2 2005 with full production expected in Q4 2005. For more information on TI´s Bluetooth wireless technology solutions please visit: www.ti.com/bluetooth