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TI Unveils High-Performance Two- and Four-Channel Audio ADCs from Burr-Brown Pro Audio Product Line

Oct 26, 2004

DALLAS (Oct. 26, 2004) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today introduced a pair of high-performance, 24-bit audio analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) designed for professional and broadcast audio applications. The PCM4202 (2-channel) and PCM4204 (4-channel) feature 118dB dynamic range, -105dB total harmonic distortion and up to 216kHz sampling rate. (See www.ti.com/sc04229.)

"The PCM4204 combines superior performance and integration with the lowest power consumption of any high-performance audio ADCs on the market," said Mike Centorino, marketing manager for TI's Burr-Brown Pro Audio products. The low power consumption (150mW per channel) helps reduce the overall power budget required for the analog-to-digital conversion subsystem, which is ideal for high channel count systems.
The devices target a wide variety of high-performance audio applications, such as digital mixing consoles, digital effects processors, multi-track recorders, broadcast studio equipment, surround sound encoders, audio test equipment and high-end A/V receivers. The PCM4202 and PCM4204 are ideally suited for use with TI´s complementary professional audio devices, such as the PGA2500 digitally controlled microphone/ADC preamplifier and TMS320C6713TM Audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP).
The PCM4202 and PCM4204 architecture utilizes a delta-sigma ADC per channel incorporating a novel density modulated dither topology for improved dynamic performance. Both devices support 24-bit linear PCM output data, with sampling frequencies up to 216kHz, and can be configured to output either 64x or 128x oversampled, 1-bit direct stream digital (DSD) data for each channel. The DSD input mode allows 1-bit DSD to 24-bit PCM data format conversion by utilizing the internal digital decimation filter.
The PCM4202 and PCM4204 include a flexible audio serial port interface, which supports standard PCM audio and time division multiplexed (TDM) data formats - allowing system designers to choose the interface format that best suits the end application. The TDM format simplifies interfacing to audio DSPs and enables a cascade connection of several PCM4202 or PCM4204 devices.
The devices operate from a +5V analog power supply and a +3.3V digital power supply. The digital I/O is compatible with +3.3V logic families.

Available Today

The PCM4204 is packaged in a HTQFP-64 PowerPADTM. The PCM4202 is packaged in a SSOP-28. Both devices are available now from TI and its authorized distributors. Evaluation modules (EVMs) are available for both devices.