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Sleek Size, Low-Power - Texas Instruments Unveils New TMS320C54x(TM) DSP in Its Smallest Package Ever

Based on the World's most popular C54x(TM) DSP core, the new package cuts device footprint by two-thirds

Oct 25, 2004

HOUSTON (October 25, 2004) – Enabling the design of ultra-small, ultra-sleek consumer electronics, Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) (TI) today announced a new low-cost, low-power digital signal processor (DSP) that reduces printed circuit board space requirements to one-third of competing DSPs. The new TMS320C5405 16-bit, fixed-point DSP is the industry´s first such device available in a 7 x 7 mm package, bringing DSP performance to systems with an emphasis on small size, low power consumption and affordability. DSP-based mobile and other applications that will benefit from the C5405 are cellular phone attachments, hands-free kits, headsets, bar code readers, thermal printers and scanners and some hearing aids. For more information, please see:  www.ti.com/c5405p.

Lowest standby power for its performance class

TI's new C5405 DSP delivers up to 80 MMACs of real-time signal processing for about $5, bringing excellent performance for the price to small-scale end equipments. The C5405 DSP offers the lowest standby power consumption of DSPs in its performance class (70-100 MMACs); some 360 times lower than competing devices, minimizing battery drainage when a system is idling.

"We are using TI's C5405 DSP in our revolutionary Jawbone adaptive headset for mobile phones. Texas Instruments is the only vendor in the market that offers a DSP with the functionality we need in the small package size our application demands. In our application the C5405 processes multiple audio channels to perform signal identification, adaptive noise subtraction, adaptive audio enhancement, echo cancellation and a variety of other tasks in real time," says Ira Gerson, vice president, technology, Aliph. "The C5405 has an excellent combination of on-board peripherals, memory and low cost which allowed us to build a small and compact system solution."

Based on the popular TMS320C54x™ DSP core, on-chip features include 32 Kbytes of RAM, two multi-channel buffered serial ports (McBSPs), an 8-bit host port interface (HPI) bus, two 16-bit timers and a six-channel DMA controller. The device has a footprint of just 49 mm2, compared with 144 mm2 for competing solutions – a 66 percent reduction of space. Additional space savings result from the chip’s reduced number of I/O leads, requiring fewer board traces.

"As personal, portable electronics continue to shrink, package size and power consumption are becoming increasingly important," said Raj Agrawala, TMS320C5000™ product marketing manager, TI. "The C5405 answers these requirements, offering inexpensive DSP performance that helps TI customers create even smaller-scale, lighter-weight applications."

Support for fast development

Support for the C5405 DSP enables developers to begin creating their products right away. The device is code-compatible with other popular C54x™ DSPs, allowing developers to save engineering time by porting software from other systems. Compatibility enables developers to use the TMS320C5416 DSP starter kit (DSK), a low-cost development platform that gives both experienced and novice designers an easy way to get started immediately with power-efficient product innovations. Application development can also be launched with the software-compatible TMS320C5402 evaluation module (EVM) from Spectrum Digital, which provides a cost-effective, standalone platform for hardware prototyping and algorithm debugging.

Like other TI DSPs, the C5405 DSP is backed by TI's leadership eXpressDSP™ software and development tools, which includes Code Composer Studio™, the world’s most powerful integrated development environment (IDE) and tool suite for DSPs. Other eXpressDSP elements include DSP/BIOS™, a scalable real-time Kernel; the TMS320™ DSP Algorithm Standard for application interoperability and reuse; and Reference Frameworks of design-ready code for getting started quickly. In addition, TI's DSP third party network offers the industry’s most complete base of algorithms, tools and other products for DSP system developers.

The C5405 DSP is complemented by an array of space-saving high-performance analog products from TI, such as the highly efficient TPA3001D1 Class-D audio power amplifier, which allows the designer to achieve high audio quality in hands-free kits, while eliminating the need for bulky heat sinks.

Availability and pricing

TI's C5405 DSP is sampling now, with volume production scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2004. The device is available in a space-saving 7 x 7 mm ball grid array (BGA). Planned pricing is $5.20 per unit in quantities of 10,000 units.