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TI Delivers Low-Cost, Easy-To-Use Development Kit to Help Portable Data Terminal OEMs Design Next-Gen Applications

OMAP5912 Starter Kit Makes it Easy to Access the Benefits of DSP-based SoCs

Sep 20, 2004

HOUSTON (September 20, 2004) -- Smoothing the way for the rapid adoption of ARM®-plus-DSP system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology in the portable data terminal (PDT) market, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today unveiled the OMAP5912 Starter Kit (OSK). At $295, the OSK is one of the lowest cost development tools in the industry, giving designers an inexpensive, out-of-the-box entry point to leverage the benefits of an integrated ARM and DSP processor. The kit delivers an easy-to-use means of developing the software for the OMAP5912 processor as it powers intelligent, next-generation PDT applications. Greater levels of integration, dynamic communication, analysis capture and analysis output are easily implemented using the OSK. For more information, please see www.ti.com/5912mr.

In the past, PDT developers perceived the barriers of multi-core device design to be cost and complexity, issues alleviated with the new OSK. In addition to being the lowest cost solution, the OSK provides everything OEMs need to get to market quickly and easily with differentiated products. All of the hardware and software are included and are easy to manipulate in real time using the familiar environment of a Linux operating system. End-to-end support is also available in bundled packages.

"With the OSK, we have given developers a robust, simple and inexpensive way of accessing the benefits of dual core devices for PDT applications," said Gregory Mar, worldwide OMAP marketing manager, TI. "The OSK has all the source code, sample code, hardware, optimized peripherals and support packages to create a true out-of-the-box experience for PDT OEMs."

Optimized, Dual-Core Hardware Delivers Real-Time Capabilities

The OSK features cutting-edge hardware including the OMAP5912 processor, an ARM-plus-DSP SoC device optimized for portable data terminal applications requiring high-performance signal processing capabilities as well as high-level application support. TI's OMAP59xx platform is uniquely positioned to meet the demanding needs of PDT developers and OEMs by providing real-time capabilities, high-performance data processing and transfer acceleration of multimedia or analysis results plus required security features, all at the lowest power possible. The platform seamlessly integrates an ARM9 processor, a TMS320C55x™ DSP and PDT-focused peripherals on the same piece of silicon. This allows PDT designers to optimally partition tasks between the ARM and DSP for increased performance.

Other hardware included is a TI and ARM MultiICE® JTAG interface, which allows communications to a host computer via a JTAG emulator. The TI JTAG interface is compatible with the XDS560™ emulator from Texas Instruments and the complete line of JTAG emulators from Spectrum Digital®.

Software Includes Linux OS and Development Code

The OSK also gives developers all the software needed to get through the design and test process. This includes a collection of board- and chip-specific libraries as well as a suite of development tools for Linux with an OMAP5912-specific Linux kernel. Linux is the OS of choice for PDT designers so the OSK offers a familiar environment for implementing dual-core powered, next generation devices. Developers can easily run C code on the ARM and DSP, while having access to source and sample code that can be manipulated in real-time. TI's Code Composer Studio™ IDE has been specially enhanced for the OMAP platform. With CCStudio, developers can easily optimize the real-time execution of applications to fully capitalize on the processing power of the OMAP5912 device.

Bundled Support Packages Give OEMs Access to Expertise

In addition to the OSK, bundled services are available from TI's network of OMAP Technology Centers, enabling PDT developers to utilize the required high-level operating systems and leverage the real-time performance of DSP. This gives programmers an edge in the development process by offering critical access to industry-leading hardware, software and system integration expertise.

The Mistral Software® and Logic PD Kick Start Bundles will include 20 hours of development assistance, along with the OMAP5912 OSK, the Mistral Q-VGA LCD module to deliver graphics display capabilities to the OSK, CCStudio for OMAP and a USB emulator from Spectrum Digital. Both companies will also provide development support packages including assistance in set-up and inter-processor communication, as well as other professional services. Further support specifically pertaining to the Linux operating system is offered from MontaVista® Software, and support is also available from Spectrum Digital.

Pricing and Availability

The OSK is manufactured by Spectrum Digital, a development systems supplier specializing in TI products and tools. The OMAP5912 OSK is available today for $295, while the Mistral and Logic PD development support packages are available for $4995. All are available via the TI estore. For more information, please see www.ti.com/5912mr.

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