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Embedded Programmers Can Now Optimize DSP Software Faster With TI's Code Composer Studio(tm) Tuning Edition

Integrated Proactive Advice and Easy-to-Use Tuning Tools Help Developers Simplify and Accelerate Code Optimization

Sep 12, 2004

HOUSTON (September 13, 2004)—Delivering a new way for programmers to reduce system cost and improve the development timeline for high performance embedded systems applications, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today announced the newest standard in software and development tools with the release of Code Composer Studio™ Tuning Edition Integrated Development Environment (IDE). CCStudio Tuning Edition accelerates the development process by providing an integrated collection of seven tools that make it easier and faster for digital signal processing (DSP) programmers to optimize code for speed and size. For full information about CCStudio Tuning Edition, visit www.ti.com/ccstudiopr.

CCStudio Tuning Edition’s tools proactively review program code, track potential areas for improvement and offer suggestions to help programmers optimize system performance and memory usage. These powerful yet easy-to-use features speed development time and help programmers unleash the full potential of TI’s TMS320C6000™ DSP platform devices.

“By fully utilizing CCStudio Tuning Edition’s tools and features, programmers can significantly reduce application development time,” said Mike Trujillo, eXpressDSP product marketing manager, TI. “Using the highly optimized code generated by CCStudio Tuning Edition, engineers can maximize the full capabilities of a high performance DSP, or in other cases fit their application into a less expensive device.”

New Dashboard and Powerful Optimization Tools

CCStudio Tuning Edition’s centerpiece is its dashboard, a user-friendly configurable display that reduces the learning curve typical of detailed code optimization tools, while enabling deep visibility into the ways in which a program is meeting key user goals. The dashboard is made up of four windows – the Advice Window, the Goals Window, the Profile Setup and the Profile Viewer.

• Advice Window: An intuitive user interface, this window offers the programmer proactive advice to assist with assessing and solving code optimization tasks.

• Goals Window: Using this window, the programmer sets and tracks development goals toward cycle count and code size.

• Profile Setup: This window is an easy-to-use tool for initializing profile data for optimization.

• Profile Viewer: The Profile Viewer window displays easy links for optimization, as well as performance metrics including cycle count, pipeline stalls and cache misses.

The dashboard operates in unison with Tuning Edition’s three core tools – Compiler Consultant, CodeSizeTune and CacheTune. These tools all act as engines to power the selected optimization tasks with speed and targeted efficiency.

• Compiler Consultant: Acting as a “virtual expert,” Compiler Consultant provides specific advice to improve the programmer’s entered code, such as modifying loops or indicating which information to pass to the compiler to aid in optimization.

• CodeSizeTune: In just a matter of minutes, CodeSizeTune evaluates every possible set of compiler options for individual code functions, and then generates a two-dimensional graph of the composite cycle count vs. code size.

• CacheTune: This integrated tool enables programmers to target the place and time in which their application is performing sub-optimally due to cache issues.

Pricing and Availability

Building on Code Composer Studio’s programmer-focused collection of tools and features, CCStudio Tuning Edition integrates everything programmers need for application development from start to finish including reference frameworks, project manager, code generation tools, built-in editor, simulators, DSP/BIOS, debug and analysis tools, drivers and software libraries. CCStudio Tuning Edition is available today for $3,595, which includes 15 months of update subscription service. For current C6000 Code Composer Studio subscribers, CCStudio Tuning Edition is available at no additional charge under their active subscription. A free 90-day evaluation version is available on CD-ROM or via download at www.ti.com/ccstudiopr.

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