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TI Unveils High-Speed 3V Amplifier in SC70 Package for Portable Video Applications

Space-Saving Device Optimized for TI's Digital Media Processors

Aug 18, 2004

DALLAS (Aug. 19, 2004) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced a high-speed video amplifier in a small SC70 package from the company´s Burr-Brown product line. Featuring 6dB gain, two-pole digital-to-analog converter (DAC) reconstruction filter and a shutdown function, the device is ideal for the composite video output in 3V portable applications such as digital cameras, camera phones, set-top boxes, and video games. (See www.ti.com/sc04177.) 

The OPA360 is compatible with DACs embedded in video processors, including TI's digital media processors. The input voltage range includes ground which allows the embedded Video-DAC to be DC-coupled into the OPA360.
"The OPA360 provides excellent video performance for either AC-coupling or DC-coupling to the video load," said Frank Haupt, strategic marketing engineer of TI's high-performance amplifier products. "For AC-coupled outputs, the SAG-correction feature significantly reduces the big and expensive coupling capacitors required by standard video circuits. For DC-coupling, the OPA360 uses an integrated level shifter to prevent the output from clipping - even when the lowest sync-pulse level on the input is 0V."
An internal DAC reconstruction filter removes out-of-band (5MHz) sampling artifacts. In shutdown mode, the quiescent current is reduced to

Available Today

The OPA360 is available now in the 2mm x 2.1mm SC70-6 package from TI and its authorized distributors. The device is priced at $0.49 in 1,000 piece quantities (suggested resale pricing). Related low-voltage video amplifier products, OPA355 and OPA357, are also available. OPA358, a companion product to OPA360, will be available in 4Q 2004. 

For additional information on TI´s complete portfolio of amplifiers, download the latest Amplifier Selection Guide at