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TI Battery Management IC Provides Faster and Cooler Charging in Portable Li-Ion Powered Applications

Tiny Switch-Mode, Battery Charger IC with Integrated FETs Delivers up to 2 A in Applications such as Portable DVD Players, Handhelds

Jul 12, 2004

DALLAS (July 12, 2004) - Solving the design challenge to efficiently deliver higher battery charge current in small portable applications, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today the first synchronous, switch-mode battery charge integrated circuit (IC) with internal power FETs capable of supplying up to 2 A of charge current. The new battery management IC enables higher charge current while reducing the amount of heat generated, making it ideal for use in systems that incorporate one-, two- and three-series cell lithium-ion (Li-Ion) or lithium-polymer (Li-Poly) battery packs, such as portable DVD and media players, smart handhelds, medical, industrial and other portable equipment. (See www.ti.com/sc04147.)

TI's bq24100 battery charge IC, which comes in a small 3.5 mm x 4.5 mm QFN package, operates at a fixed frequency of 1.1 MHz from an input voltage up to 16 V. The new IC delivers high accuracy current and voltage regulation for precise battery charging, multiple charge status outputs for charge progress indication and automatic battery full charge detection and charge termination.
Providing safe and reliable charging of Li-Ion or Li-Polymer batteries, the bq24100 device charges in three phases: a low current conditioning phase for deeply discharged batteries, a fast charge constant current phase delivering up to 2 A and a constant voltage phase. In this final phase, the device terminates charge based on a minimum current level. A programmable charge timer provides a safety backup for termination. Separate versions of the IC also allow the portable system's micro-controller to control the battery charging profile and termination with digital inputs to the IC. The bq24100 automatically re-starts the charge if the battery voltage falls below a specific threshold.
As with other TI battery charge management devices, including the popular bqTINYTM family of linear control charge ICs, the new bq24100 integrates reverse-blocking protection to prevent battery drainage through the IC in the absence of the input charging supply. 

Key Specifications of the bq24100: 

  • Integrated Synchronous, 1.1 MHz Fixed-Frequency PWM Controller 
  • Integrated PowerFETs for up to 2 A Charge Rate 
  • High Accuracy Voltage and Current Regulation 
  • Offered in Standalone (Built-in Charge Management and Control) and System-Controlled Versions 
  • Status Outputs for LED or Host Processor Interface 
  • 20 V Input Voltage Rating 
  • High-Side Current Sensing
  • Battery Temperature Monitoring 
  • Automatic Sleep Mode for Low Power Consumption

Available Today

The bq24100 is currently shipping in volume from TI and its authorized distributors, and is available in a 20-pin, 3.5 mm x 4.5 mm QFN package. Suggested resale price for the charge IC is $2.10 each per 1,000 units. A bq24100 evaluation module, application notes, technical documentation and TI´s Power Management selection guide are available at power.ti.com.