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Texas Instruments Collaborates With ARM as Part of its Industry-Leading Silicon-Based Security Solution

Integrated TI Security Solution with ARM TrustZone Technology Supports Trusted Computing in Portable Wireless Devices, Will Help Secure User Wireless Transactions

Jun 29, 2003

DALLAS, TEXAS AND CAMBRIDGE, UK - June 29, 2004 -Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN), and ARM [(LSE:ARM); (Nasdaq:ARMHY)], today announced that TI and ARM will collaborate on a security solution that will include ARM® TrustZoneTM technology. The collaboration with ARM is part of TI´s overall strategy to help address growing security concerns among service providers, consumers and wireless original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). TI will implement the ARM TrustZone technology on its OMAPTM platform and family of TCS Chipsets by using the recently licensed ARM1176JZF-STM core.
As phone theft has become a growing problem, securing information stored and protecting a phone's identity has become even more critical. Software security vulnerability can result in profitable theft of reprogrammable phones, illegal upgrades and network switching, and network vulnerability. TI is leading the market in addressing the handset security need with a silicon-based security solution. The ARM TrustZone technology will help expand TI's leadership position by providing more handset protection as new applications emerge.
"TI was the first to include hardware security features in the latest generation of GSM/GPRS chipsets," said Paul Werp, marketing director for TI's Cellular Systems. "ARM TrustZone technology is a step in TI's integrated processor security strategy as we continue to address increasing security threats faced by phone manufacturers, mobile operators and content providers."
ARM TrustZone technology complements TI's wireless system solutions technology to support wireless network protection from malicious attack and to help secure e-commerce transactions, downloadable applications, games and media content. TrustZone technology also enables protection of code and data across the entire memory architecture. The ARM1176JZ-S and ARM1176JZF-S CPUs are the first ARM cores to incorporate the ARM TrustZone technology, enhancing security in portable consumer devices using open operating system applications, such as smart phones, PDAs and other wireless devices.
"As we enter a constantly connected world, the requirement for a secure environment for personal and professional information becomes more critical," said Mike Inglis, executive vice president, marketing, ARM. "As a company innovating new wireless platform technologies, TI has recognized that a true, secure environment must begin at the microprocessor core."

About TrustZone Technology

TrustZone technology provides a secure foundation for systems running open Operating Systems (OS), such as Linux, Palm OS, Symbian OS and Windows CE. In addition, TrustZone technology complements secure application environments such as Sun Microsystems´ Java technology by making security implementation on devices more efficient. ARM TrustZone technology is implemented within the microprocessor core itself and extended into the system design, enabling the protection of on-chip memory and peripherals. Since the security elements of the system are designed into the core hardware, security issues surrounding proprietary, non-portable solutions outside the core are removed. In this way, security is maintained as an intrinsic feature at the heart of every device, with minimal impact to the core area or performance, while enabling developers to build any additional security, for example cryptography, onto the secure hardware foundation.

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