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TI Introduces Low-Voltage POLATM Non-Isolated Power Modules

Tiny Plug-in Modules Combine High Efficiency at Low Cost for High-Current, Low-Voltage Applications

Jun 15, 2004

WARRENVILLE, IL (June 15, 2004) -- Texas Instruments (TI) announced today six new POLATM, non-isolated plug-in power modules for telecom and data communications applications that require a low output voltage rail. The new easy-to-use, 12-V modules can deliver up to 26-A of output current, and support adjustable output voltages from 0.8-V to 1.8-V with up to 90 percent power efficiency. See: www.ti.com/sc04126.

The low-voltage PTH modules feature TI´s Auto-TrackTM sequencing technology, which simplifies power up and power down of multiple modules. Auto-Track makes it easy for power supply designers to meet I/O and core voltage sequencing requirements in high performance processors, applications specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and digital signal processing (DSP) engines.
All six devices include a load fault protection feature by including a non-latching over-current trip. In addition, a pre-bias start-up function prevents the modules from sinking current in applications where an external voltage is present at the module's output during startup, such as voltage that is fed back through an FPGA or ASIC. To ensure tighter load regulation at higher currents, the 10-A, 12-A, 18-A and 26-A modules include an output voltage remote sense feature.
As POLA products, each PTH module is ensured a pin-compatible footprint with the same electrical designs for assured interoperability, giving designers a true second source option for their design.

Availability, Packaging and Pricing

The new low-voltage PTH modules highlighted in the chart below are available in volume today from TI and the company´s authorized distributors. The compact devices come in a double-sided, surface mount construction and are available in horizontal through-hole or surface-mount styles. Suggested pricing per 1,000 units is $9.95 for the 6-A modules; $11.50 for the 10-A modules; $13.95 for the 12-A modules; $18.15 for the 18-A modules; and $24.60 for the 26-A modules.

Key Features

  • 12-V Input (10.8-V to 13.2-V) 
  • Adjustable Output Voltage (0.8-V to 1.8-V) 
  • Power Efficiencies up to 91 Percent 
  • Auto-Track Sequencing 
  • Pre-Bias Startup 
  • Margin Up/Down Control
  • Remote Sense 
  • Output Over-Current Protection (Non-Latching) 
  • -40º C to 85º C Range with Over-Temperature Shutdown 
  • POLA Second-Sourced