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TI Introduces Two Class-D Audio Power Amplifiers Optimized for 17" to 23" LCD-TVs

Devices Balance Efficiency and Fidelity with Right Feature Set for the Application

May 19, 2004

DALLAS (May 19, 2004) - Providing liquid crystal display (LCD) TV manufacturers with the feature set required to meet high efficiency audio demands, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today announced two new stereo Class-D audio power amplifiers for 17 to 23 inch LCD-TVs. The two new devices feature efficient Class-D operation, driving up to 10W of continuous stereo output power with no external heat sink, simplifying design and reducing component count, total system cost and space requirements for LCD-TVs. (See www.ti.com/sc04112.)

"The TPA3005D2 and TPA3008D2 are examples of the simple strategy behind TI's Class-D audio power amplifier portfolio: listen to customers and provide what they need to succeed," said Art George, vice president and general manager of TI's High Performance Linear business. "TI has worked with leading manufacturers of LCD-TVs such as Samsung Electronics Co. to develop highly efficient Class-D audio power amplifiers that provide the performance, output power and features required by the flat panel TV market. This relationship has resulted in devices that provide the best balance of performance, features and cost for the LCD-TV market."

Devices are Highly-efficient, Cost-effective, Feature-rich

The TPA3005D2 and TPA3008D2 are 92 percent efficient when driving 16-ohm speakers. Competitive Class-D amplifiers operate 120 percent hotter, and competitive Class-AB or linear amplifiers operate 140 percent hotter. The TI Class-D amplifiers' high efficiency results from their 250-kHz pulse width modulated operation and extremely low output FET on resistance (RDS(on)). Competitive solutions switch at higher frequencies or feature scaled-down output FETs, which cuts cost but reduces efficiency and increases heat. TI provides the best balance of fidelity without high switching losses through the 250-kHz switching frequency featured in the TPA3005D2 and TPA3008D2, while saving cost by providing the exact feature set the market requires.



includes features that no other competitor provides at the same performance and price node such as four custom integrated gain settings, which eliminate external resistors, and an integrated auto recovery circuit that restarts the IC after a short circuit is cleared.





are the latest additions to the


family. Other Class-D amplifiers in the family include the feature-rich


, a 12W stereo amplifier with DC volume control and pre-outs for headphone drive, and the high-power


, a 20W mono audio power amplifier. All


amplifiers operate from a nominal 12V supply, have less than one percent total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) at half the rated output power level and less than 10 percent THD+N at the maximum rated output level. Furthermore, all the stereo


audio amplifiers are in the same package with very similar pinouts to help minimize design effort when porting board layouts between projects.



family is part of TI's complete offering of products focused on audio systems, including all-digital audio components as well as digital plus analog audio solutions. TI is able to shorten a manufacturer's time-to-market by offering world-class systems expertise, software and support.

Pricing and Availability

The TPA3005D2 Class-D audio power amplifier is available now in a standard PowerPAD surface mount 48-pin quad flat pack (QFP) from Texas Instruments and its authorized distributors. The TPA3008D2 will be available in June in a standard PowerPADTM surface mount 48-pin QFP. Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1,000 is $2.95 for the TPA3005D2 and $3.10 for the TPA3008D2.