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Texas Instruments Presents Precision Analog Applications and Tools Seminar

Sep 22, 2005

DALLAS (September 22, 2005) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) will present a free training seminar entitled "Precision Analog Applications and Tools" on Friday, October 7, 2005 in Cleveland, Ohio. This one-day session will be held at Great Lakes Science Center and includes presentations, demonstrations, and discussions on common circuit applications and the challenging issues found in all analog designs. For detailed information and to register for the seminar, see www.ti.com/eventseminar05.

The training session will include the discussion of specific applications issues involving system supervisor with voltage and current monitoring, a multiplexed data acquisition system, control loops and bridge measurement. Participants will have a chance to see a variety of demonstration tools that include:

  • A Sensor Reference Design - a weigh scale for 100,000 count resolution. 
  • TINA-TI - a powerful, easy-to-use circuit simulation program for designing, simulating and analyzing analog electronic circuits that includes TI's extensive library of macromodels for precision and high-speed amplifiers. 
  • SWIFTTM - a software tool that supports both internally- and externally-compensated versions to quickly achieve high-performance power supply designs. 
  • TPS40KTM Tool - for power supply designers using TI's TPS40xxx family of controllers and requiring advanced analysis tools for worst-case loop response and component characterization. 
  • Power Quick Search - offers solutions by searching user input criteria across DC/DC conversion and PWM controller products.

The voltage and current segment will cover basic techniques for checking temperature and humidity, cooling air flow and intrusion detection. The data acquisition segment will provide tips on optimizing the signal chain for peak performance. A special segment on analog control loop temperature control will examine common issues. In addition there will be a presentation on thermocouple measurement systems that provides a basic overview and discussion on cold-junction compensation and linearization. A bridge measurement application will also be featured and will focus on general issues with various sensor types.

TI offers analog engineers a wide-ranging support infrastructure that includes training and seminars, design tools and utilities, technical documentation, evaluation modules, an online KnowledgeBase, a product information hotline and a comprehensive offering of samples that ship within 24 hours of request. For more information on TI´s complete analog design support, and to download the latest Amplifier Selection Guide, visit