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TI Sets Benchmark for WT-085, New DSL Standards Performance Requirement

AR7-Based Modem Passes WT-085 Tests Against the Top Two CO Platforms

Mar 26, 2004

DALLAS (March 26, 2004) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:TXN) today announced that a modem based on its AR7, ADSL access router-on-a-chip, received the highest performance scores in WT-085 interoperability tests in use with its own AC5 and AC6 Central Office (CO) platforms as well as the most widely deployed competitive CO platform. WT-085, scheduled for finalization in April 2004, is a revision of the widely adopted TR-048 ADSL Interoperability Test Plan. WT-085 increases performance requirements, adds test loops and noise cases, a new compensation procedure and a more rigorous verification of the statistics reported by the CPE modem. In North America, WT-085 requires a 15 percent increase in the number of tests required over TR-048, and a 75 percent increase in test cases in Europe. Most major service providers worldwide will require ADSL devices to pass WT-085 before deployment in their networks.
TI conducted WT-085 tests in its comprehensive InterOps Test Labs using its advanced equipment, superior testing methodologies and experienced staff. With this unparalleled interoperability capability and involvement in the standards community, TI designed its latest code load to be WT-085 compliant. This code load currently being used by TI's CPE customers enables them to quickly and cost-effectively meet operator requirements. Unlike many other DSL technology providers, TI is prepared to meet the requirements of WT-085, giving its customers a leading edge on the upcoming DSL standard.
"The accomplishment of TI's CPE and CO platforms passing WT-085 is an outstanding example of TI's continuous leadership and execution in DSL performance and interoperability," said Ben Wagner, director, worldwide marketing and business development of TI's DSL Business Unit. "We have achieved a critical milestone in quickly providing technology which enables operators to provide improved performance in their service offerings when they choose TI based products."
TI´s AR7 single-chip ADSL router includes physical layer enhancements that further improve its ability to meet WT-085 test loops and noise cases. One of these techniques is Dynamic Adaptive Equalization (DAE), which compensates for impairments like bridge taps and radio frequency interference. By employing techniques to compensate for the line and spectral conditions that have prevented operators from providing service to all households, TI has been able to increase the carrier service area (CSA) by up to 10 percent. For more information on the AR7, please see: www.ti.com/ar7

About Texas Instruments DSL

Texas Instruments offers DSL CO and CPE equipment manufacturers around the globe the most interoperable and widely deployable, end-to-end solutions including voice-enabled and 802.11-enabled solutions for local loop deployments. Leveraging the company´s history of innovation in DSL technology development, interoperability testing, customer support and manufacturing capabilities, TI enables customers to meet the requirements of operators worldwide. TI´s DSL business is part of the company´s comprehensive portfolio of broadband solutions including cable modems, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and 802.11 wireless networking. (See www.ti.com/dsl.)