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Highest Performing Floating-Point DSP from TI Offers 33 Percent Performance Increase

TI's New 300 MHz, 1800 MFLOPS TMS320C6713 DSP is Pin-to-Pin, Function and Software Compatible

Mar 24, 2004

HOUSTON (March 25, 2004) — Continuing to meet the increased processing demands of the professional audio, high-end consumer audio, industrial and medical industries, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today a 300 MHz TMS320C6713 digital signal processor (DSP) that offers a 33 percent performance increase over the existing 225 MHz C6713 processor. This new DSP provides 1800 MFLOPS (Million Floating-Point Operations Per Second) for high-performance signal-processing applications that need the precision and dynamic range offered by floating-point calculations. Typical audio applications include high-speed encoding, multi-channel broadcast encoding, digital mixing and high-quality effects creation. Additionally, customers have found that this product is a good fit to meet their specifications for a host of medical and industrial applications, including semiconductor manufacturing equipment. For more information, please see: www.ti.com/c6713300pr.

The new 300 MHz C6713 DSP is package and pin-out compatible with the 225 MHz C6713 DSP processor, making drop-in replacement straightforward and simple. Also, application code can be reused since the new C6713 is code compatible with the TMS320C6711 and other C6713 devices already deployed in the market today. Supporting the C6713 DSP is a C6713 DSP Starter Kit (DSK) that includes TI´s comprehensive Code Composer Studio™ (CC Studio) v2.2 Integrated Development Environment (IDE), providing the best floating-point development environment in the industry.

High Quality Audio with Easy I/O

A cornerstone of the C6713 digital signal processor is its audio-friendly I/O that allows easy interconnects to bus standards associated with typical audio systems. This convenient I/O capability is enabled by two I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus) multi-master and slave interfaces as well as two McASPs (Multi-Channel Audio Serial Ports) each offering independent Tx and Rx clock zones, eight serial data pins, extensive error checking and recovery, support of I2S and other bit stream formats. The processor also supports an integrated Digital Audio Interface Transmitter (DIT) with 16 transmit pins, enhanced channel status/user data and support for S/PDIF, IEC60958-1, AES-3 and CP-430.

In many performance driven floating point applications, multiple channels of data are processed on the same DSP. The 33% increase in processing power in the newest version of the C6713 will allow customers to add more channels per DSP without having to redesign existing hardware.

"Dolby has been cooperating with Lyrtech and Texas Instruments to get the Dolby Digital Professional Encoder ported to the 225 MHz version of the TMS320C6713," said Sabine Jennings, licensing program manager, Dolby. "The addition of the 300 MHz part to the C67x™ generation will allow our customers to add a stereo encode pair to their end systems without increasing their footprint."

Comprehensive System Solutions for Faster Designs

TI also offers a wide range of high-performance analog components for audio applications with a variety of amplifiers, including low-power Class-D audio amplifiers, high-precision analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog converters (DAC), single and dual output Low Drop Out regulators (LDOs), low-voltage switching DC/DC converters and supply voltage supervisors.

Further enabling developers to develop applications quickly and easily is TI´s extensive C67x DSP Library and Fast C67x DSP Run-Time Support Library, which are free and downloadable from the Web and allow designers to develop applications quickly and easily. Additionally, the C67x generation is supported by TI´s eXpressDSP™ software and development tools including the CCStudio v2.2 IDE, DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel and a wide range of eXpressDSP-compliant software and hardware from the DSP industry´s most comprehensive third-party network.

Pricing and Availability

Housed in a 256-pin, 27mm2 Ball Grid Array (BGA), the C6713-300 DSP is sampling now with volume production in Q2 of 2004. Pricing is $34.29 (10Ku).

Additional Customer Testimonials:

Stephen Turner, Vice President, AudioScience
"TI´s C6713B-300 gives us an excellent upgrade path in our radio broadcast application. The 33% performance increase allows us to playback up to 12 simultaneous stereo MPEG layer 2 streams or record up to 4 MP3 streams per board. In the future, as new compression algorithms such as MPEG AAC-HE are introduced, this new DSP will give us the performance we need to handle them cost effectively."

Aaron Caldwell, President, Imagine Technology Division of Ingenient Technologies
"Using the 300 MHz TI TMS320C6713 our MP3 and AAC encoding implementations will achieve 12X-16X encode rate which will enable existing and new customers to realize the encoding speed that the consumers demand. Even on a current PC it can take 6-8 minutes to completely encode a music CD, but with this solution we will be able to encode a CD in about 4 minutes."

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