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TI Unveils 16-bit, 10MSPS Delta-Sigma Converter for Precision Measurement Applications

ADC Offers 86dB SNR and 95dB SFDR at 4x the Speed of Nearest Competition

Aug 29, 2005

DALLAS (August 29, 2005) - Providing an unmatched combination of speed and precision, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced a 16-bit, 10MSPS delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Featuring 86dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and 95dB spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) over a 5MHz bandwidth, the ADS1610 provides state-of-the-art performance at 4x the speed of the nearest delta-sigma competition and 2x the speed of TI's previous delta-sigma solutions. The ADS1610 is ideal for demanding measurements in communications, scientific instrumentation, and test and measurement applications. (See www.ti.com/ads1610-pr.)

"Texas Instruments has leveraged its expertise in high-performance data conversion to once again push the boundaries in speed and precision," said Gregg Lowe, senior vice president of TI's high-performance analog business. "This breakthrough data converter extends our industry-leading portfolio of delta-sigma ADCs and provides our customers with outstanding high-speed performance for their most demanding measurement applications."
The high-speed operation (10MSPS) is ideal for high-accuracy applications requiring higher sampling speeds. The 16-bit resolution with 86dB SNR, 95dB SFDR and -94dB total harmonic distortion (THD) is ideal for high-speed applications requiring higher accuracy signal measurement.
A 4.4MHz passband with less than 0.0002dB of ripple provides wideband signal processing, while an on-chip digital filter simplifies anti-alias requirements compared to SAR and pipeline converters. The device operates from a +5V analog supply and a +3V digital supply.
The ADS1610 is optimized to work with TI's high-performance TMS320TM DSP platforms. TI offers an extensive portfolio of wideband amplifiers well suited to drive the analog inputs of the ADS1610, such as the THS4503 and THS4509.
The ADS1610 is pin compatible with TI's previously introduced ADS1605 (16-bit, 5MSPS ADC) and ADS1625 (18-bit, 1.25MSPS ADC) to provide an easy upgrade path.

Availability and Packaging

The ADS1610 is sampling now, with volume production scheduled for 3Q 2005. The device comes in a TQFP-64 package and is priced at $29.95 in 1,000 piece quantities (suggested resale pricing). Evaluation modules (EVMs) are also available.