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TI's New Family of RF Products for Wireless Infrastructure Expands Signal Chain Solution from Antenna to the Public Network

Complete Solution Enables Base Station OEMs to Connect People Faster, In More Ways and with Richer Services

Mar 23, 2004

DALLAS (March 23, 2004) - Expanding its broad portfolio of analog and digital signal processing products for wireless infrastructure base station manufacturers, Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced a new family of radio frequency (RF) products - the TRF3701, TRF3702 and TRF3750. These products are the first of a family of products for wireless infrastructure leveraging TI´s strong expertise in RF design. They support multiple wireless standards including GSM, CDMA, UMTS, and TD-SCDMA, increase system flexibility and enable customers to get to market faster. See www.ti.com/wirf.
"TI has a tremendous amount of RF knowledge - from handset to infrastructure," said Kent Novak, manager of TI's wireless infrastructure analog group. "Adding RF solutions to our wireless infrastructure offering further strengthens our position as the only semiconductor company capable of providing a complete signal chain solution."

Low Noise Direct Modulators Eliminate Intermediate Frequency Stage

The TRF3701 and TRF3702 are low noise quadrature direct modulators capable of modulating complex input signals up to RF. Both devices are optimized for use in direct up conversion architectures where space and cost savings are key requirements. The devices accept inputs from baseband up to intermediate frequency of 250 MHz. The signals are then upconverted up to 1.5 GHz by TRF3701 or up to 2.5 GHz by TRF3702. Both devices support the highest output power (+7 dBm) and the lowest noise floor (-156 dBm/Hz) in the industry. TRF3701 is scheduled for release in April 2004 and TRF3702 is expected to release later this year and can be evaluated using a TRF3701/02EVM and Software. The devices are pin compatible and are available in a 16 pin QFN package.

Low Noise Phased Locked Loop Synthesizer

The TRF3750 is a monolithic phased locked loop (PLL) synthesizer optimized for low noise performance, a key factor in digital mobile communication. When used with a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO), the TRF3750 can generate frequencies from 100 MHz up to 2.4 GHz for GSM, UMTS and CDMA applications. The TRF3750 is released to production now and can be evaluated using the TRF3750EVM and Software. It is available in a 16 pin TSSOP package.

Uniquely Positioned in the Wireless Infrastructure Market

TI is the only semiconductor company to offer a complete system-oriented solution. The new family of RF devices joins TI´s existing analog product line targeted for wireless infrastructure applications, including the recently announced GC5316 digital up and down converter, the ADS5500 (14-bit 125 MSPS) analog to digital converter and DAC5686 (16-bit 500 MSPS) digital to analog converter. In addition, TI offers optimized high speed amplifiers, clock drivers, serializers/deserializers, LVDS, logic, bus switches and power management solutions.

Complementing the analog portion of the signal chain, TI's digital signal processors (DSP) lead the industry in deployment with 10 of the top 12 base station manufacturers using our products. The


delivers high performance at ultra-low power. Combined with Viterbi and Turbo coprocessors, this solution delivers over 600 voice channels and 35 data channels. For those customers wanting a custom solution, TI also offers a wide spectrum of SOC and DSP cores.