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Texas Instruments Announces DaVinci(TM), the World's Most Advanced Semiconductor Technology for Next Generation Digital Video

First to integrate hardware and software for a broad array of digital video products, DaVinci technology will reduce time to market and offer consumers less expensive, hassle-free devices

Sep 8, 2005

NEW YORK (September 8, 2005) – During a global event today, Rich Templeton, president and CEO of Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE: TXN) introduced DaVinci™, the world’s most advanced semiconductor technology for next generations of digital video products. DaVinci technology is a DSP-based solution tailored for digital video applications that provides video equipment manufacturers with integrated processors, software and tools to simplify the design process and accelerate innovation. For more information about DaVinci technology, see http://www.thedavincieffect.com.

Much like what TI has done for its wireless mobile phone customers, DaVinci will allow digital video designers to choose a signal processor tailored for their needs and then select from a menu of production ready software, reducing time to market and increasing innovation by an order of magnitude.

For consumers, these advancements will result in new generations of digital video products that go far beyond today’s capabilities. For example, consumers will no longer have to correct color and lighting problems on a digital photo using their PC; those corrections will be done automatically by the camera. Instead of multiple systems, one TV set-top box will allow consumers to play and/or record, as well as video conference with friends simultaneously. Taking this technology one step further, consumers with a video security system will be able to identify a visitor at the front door, unlock it and open it via their TV remote.

“Microsoft continues to innovate by delivering products and technologies that offer the highest quality digital audio and video experiences available,” said Amir Majidimehr, corporate vice president for the Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft. “Texas Instruments is a key partner in these efforts, and new technologies like DaVinci™ are poised to transform the way consumers experience digital video entertainment.”

TI expects to announce DaVinci-based processor samples, software and development tools by year-end 2005. DaVinci-enabled solutions are in the pipeline for products such as digital cameras, automotive infotainment products, portable media players, set-top boxes and video security systems.

“This is premier digital signal processing technology that will grow the market for new digital video applications and make existing applications much easier to use,” said Rich Templeton, president and CEO of Texas Instruments. “TI is continuing its promise to accelerate the pace of innovation for the communications and entertainment era.”