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Texas Instruments to Showcase Cutting Edge Technology Products and Applications, Demonstrate World's Fastest DSP at Embedded Systems Conference -- San Francisco

Mar 15, 2004


Texas Instruments (TI) is showcasing the future of signal processing technology. Record-speed technology, revolutionary electric guitar sound, the     latest solutions for video surveillance and conferencing – all of these and more will be featured at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Francisco. Demonstrating its continued effort to provide industry-leading, advanced solutions for an array of diverse technological applications and systems, TI will highlight top speed video compression on the 1 GHz DSP – the world´s fastest DSP. Other exciting demonstrations include “before and after” sound effects on the Fender Deluxe 90 DSP amp, along with the latest innovations in security, control, video/imaging, OMAP, analog, software and other key TI products. Additionally, several of TI´s distinguished engineers will present solutions for a variety of embedded systems challenges at the conference.  For more information please see www.ti.com/esc2004pr



March 29 – April 1, 2004
For the conference agenda, please see: http://www.esconline.com/electronicaUSA/



electronica USA with Embedded Systems Conference – San Francisco
Moscone Center
Booths #1314 and #1318



Furthering TI’s commitment to leading the next wave of signal processing innovation and real-world solutions, TI experts will make the following presentations:

  • “Embedded Systems Programming Using DSPs,” by Rob Oshana, Tuesday, March 30, 8:30 – 10 a.m., Room 208
  • “Power-Optimizing Embedded Applications,” by Scott Gary, Tuesday, March 30, 8:30 – 10 a.m., Room 209
  • “Understanding Compilers and Optimizations for Embedded Systems,” by Rob Oshana, Tuesday, March 30, 2 – 3 p.m., Room 242
  • “Comparing Media Codecs for Video Content,” by Jeremiah Golston, Tuesday, March 30, 2 – 3 p.m., Room 250
  • “The Future of Analog in a Digital World,” by Tim Kalthoff and other industry experts moderated by Stephan Ohr at EE Times, Tuesday, March 30, 2 – 3 p.m., Room 123
  • “Statistical Testing Techniques for Embedded Systems,” by Rob Oshana, Wednesday, March 31, 11:15 a.m. – 12:45 p.m., Room 329“
  • Advanced RF and Mixed Signal Design: Reinventing the Radio,” by Ken Maggio and other industry experts moderated by Geoff Dawe at Global Communication Devices, Wednesday, March 31, 3:45 – 5:15 p.m.
  • “Managing Power in the 21st Century,” by Rich Valley and other industry experts moderated by Marty Gold at EE Product Center, Wednesday, March 31, 3:45 – 5:15 p.m., Power Electronics Technology Conference



The following cutting-edge demonstrations will be at Booth 1314, showcasing the latest developments in audio, control, security, video/imaging, wireless/connected media, low power applications and other solutions from TI.


  • Audio Power Consumption Reduction – With devices operating at different voltages and frequencies, you can view power reduction at a lower voltage without loss of music quality heard through two speakers using the TMS320C5510 DSP Starter Kit and a comprehensive power scaling library.
  • Fender Stratocaster Guitar – This demo will showcase a Fender engineer and musician with a Stratocaster guitar connected to a Deluxe 90 DSP amp, which is a 90-watt combo amp with DSP effects courtesy of the TMS320VC5402 DSP. Highlights of the demo include an analysis of “before and after” effects, such as the delay or echo effect, reverb, chorus, flange and others that reveal the exact duties of the DSP.`


  • The Segway™ Human Transporter – This innovative two-wheeled, self-balancing personal transportation system sends inputs from the driver and on-board gyroscopes to TI’s TMS320C2000™ digital signal controllers. The controllers make adjustments to the two six-phase, high performance servo motors at 1000 times per second for an enjoyable and smooth ride.
  • Embedded Target for C2000™ digital signal controllers – This software allows embedded control engineers the ability to design their real-time control and signal processing designs directly on TI´s TMS320C24x™ and TMS320C28x™ controllers. In this demo, you will see how easy it is to develop, evaluate and verify advanced control systems using the leading visual based software tools from The MathWorks.
  • Servo Motor Performance Using a Stepper Motor – Typical stepper motor designs can be easier and less expensive to implement, but do not match the control and performance of a more expensive servo motor design. In this demo by d3 engineering, designers will see how the C24x™ digital signal controller is used for closed loop, high-performance motion control that allows a stepper motor to behave and perform with the characteristics of a servo motor. Now designers can gain additional performance, smoother motor speed operation and finer positioning resolution without the added cost.


  • Video Security Solution - This demo showcases the power of TI´s TMS320DM642 DSP performing full D1 resolution at 30 frames per second on an MPEG-4 IP camera. This digital solution enables new video surveillance capabilities such as video indexing, biometrics, facial, iris/retinal, alarm management, image storage, privacy zone management, number plate analyses and many more. 
  • Fingerprint Authentication Solution – This all in one demo enables the capture, enrollment and verification of human fingerprints in real time. TI´s Fingerprint Authentication Development Tool (FADT) is a flexible, low-cost and easy–to-use daughter card and software tool that combines with any one of several TI TMS320C5000™ and TMS320C6000™ DSP Starter Kits (DSKs) to make a complete fingerprint development environment.


  • Windows Media™ 9 Series – TI was the first to become Microsoft certified on Windows Media 9 encoder and decoders. This demo will focus on the integration of the latest WMV9, WMA9 and WMT streaming technologies via a real-time demo at D1 resolution and 30 frames per second running on TI’s TMS320DM642 digital media processor.
  • Video Conferencing – TI and Sony will team up to show live video conferencing that demonstrates the change from traditionally unreliable, inconsistent choppy connections that were difficult to set up and maintain to a very clear video image in an easy-to-use experience. The demo makes live calls over the Internet via the H.323 protocol and utilizes the H.264 video algorithm, which enables high-quality video and audio communication at a variety of bandwidths.
  • World’s Fastest DSP – Shipping today on TI’s 90 nanometer technology, the 1 GHz TMS320C64x™ DSPs allow you to encode/decode video compression algorithms such as WM9, MPEG2, H.263, H.264 and MPEG4. This demonstration will show the first DSP to complete MPEG-4 ASP at D1
  • (720x480) resolution with real-time coding (30 frames per second) plus high-quality AAC audio coding. The 1 GHz C64x DSP is part of the ATEME Imaging Evaluation Kit (IEKC64x / NVDK), which can be used to develop many applications such as video streaming over IP, high-end set top boxes and video security.

Wireless, Connected Media

  • Portable, Multimedia Devices – The OMAP59xx generation is ideal for portable medical, personal multi-media, videophone and industrial and portable data terminals. The demo will showcase the easy to use development tools working in conjunction with high-level operating systems. Additionally, a variety of demos from a number of independent OMAP Technology Centers will be available to provide support for your OMAP-based design.

Low Power Applications

  • The Outrageously Low-Power MCU – Demos of MSP430´s new water/flow meter and electricity meter chips will show how newly integrated peripherals make metering applications easy to create using extremely low power. There will also be a variety of end-user equipments on display including a pedometer, an armband body monitor, an embedded web server and digital still camera.

DSP Development Resources

  • DSP Development Tools – Development tools like TI´s Code Composer Studio™ include faster simulators and the Analysis Toolkit, which help developers quickly find underutilized capabilities or bottlenecks, while streamlining applications. With these tools, you can easily watch cache usage over time and identify memory contention and pinpoint interdependencies in code by performing a shotgun profile simulation that captures multiple profile events in a single test.
  • DSP Support – Customers large and small can access fast and accurate support for their DSP applications. From your personal online "24/7" DSP KnowledgeBase to technical documentation, TI offers the technical support you need, when you need it. Stop by and learn more about our wide range of resources, including the KnowledgeBase, free online training, webcasts, workshops, the TI Developer Conference and more.

Third Party Pavilion

In TI’s third party pavilion (booth 1318), there will be a wide variety of demonstrations on TI silicon and third party software including:

• Green Hills Software, Inc.
• Innovative Integration
• Mistral Software
• OSE/ENEA Systems
• Sasken Systems
• Softier
• Spectrum Digital