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TI Unveils 17-V Power Conversion IC for Portable Industrial Handhelds and Consumer Devices

1.5-A Step-Down DC/DC Achieves Smallest Solution Size and Highest Power Efficiency over a Wide Input Voltage

Jul 26, 2005

DALLAS (July 26, 2005) - Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today a 1.5-A DC/DC step-down converter that supports from 3.1-V to 17-V of input voltage. The small integrated circuit (IC) achieves 95 percent power efficiency to extend battery life in industrial handhelds, portable test equipment and consumer devices powered by two- to three-cell lithium-based batteries or a 12-V power source. See: www.ti.com/sc05147

TI's new TPS62110 synchronous, step-down converter with integrated FETs delivers unprecedented levels of power conversion efficiency and performance in a lead-free, 4 mm x 4 mm QFN package. The device, which leverages TI's new LBC7 analog process manufacturing technology, is able to maintain high efficiency over a wide load current range by entering a power-saving pulse-frequency modulation (PFM) mode at light load currents and supporting output voltages from 16-V down to 1.2-V. The converter can be placed in a shut down mode, reducing power consumption to less than 2-uA.
The converter's 1-MHz switching frequency allows portable device designers to reduce board space by applying smaller external components without compromising performance and efficiency. The TPS62110 can be synchronized to an external clock signal between 0.8-MHz and 1.4-MHz. For even lower noise operation, the converter can operate in a pulse-width modulation- (PWM) only mode.

New Analog Process for Power Management

The TPS62110 is based on TI's new LBC7 high-performance analog process. The advanced CMOS process allows the company to create power conversion ICs with the industry's lowest specific ON-resistance or RDS(on), and the capability for future devices to handle 30-V supply voltages. TI will leverage the new process to offer integrated DC/DC buck and boost converters with significantly faster switching speeds and increased logic density of more than 22,000 gates per square millimeter. 

Smallest DC/DC Inverter

TI complements the TPS62110 with its new DC/DC boost inverter in a 3 mm x 3 mm QFN package, the TPS63700. The inverter provides an 800-mA typical switch current limit and converts an input of 2.7-V to 5.5-V to an output voltage as low as -15-V. Coupling the device with a small 4.7-uH inductor results in the industry's smallest inverting DC/DC footprint. The TPS63700 is ideal for precision amplifiers and data converters used in industrial applications that require both positive and negative power supply voltages, such as TI's OPA277 or ADS8342 devices. The inverter's small size and capabilities also allow it to support portable liquid crystal displays, charge coupled devices (CCDs) and organic LED (OLED) displays used in 3G smartphones or PDAs.

Pricing and Availability

The TPS6211x family of converters is available today in volume from TI and its authorized distributors. The TPS6211x DC/DC converters come in a highly reliable, 16-pin, QFN package, and are priced at $2.50 each in quantities of 1,000 units. The TPS63700 inverter is currently sampling with volume production expected in September. Evaluation modules of the TPS62110 and TPS63700, application notes and TI's easy-to-use online Power Quick Search power management product selection tool are available through power.ti.com

Leading Portfolio of Power Management IC Technology

TI is focused on meeting the power design needs of customers through innovative products and technical support. TI leverages its analog and digital system expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide high-performance, discrete and integrated power management solutions to fit any portable, line-powered, isolated or non-isolated power design challenge - from cell phones and PDAs to telecom, industrial and computing applications.