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WiLife Enables Consumer Adoption of Professional-Grade Digital Video Surveillance Solutions Based on TI's Digital Media Platform

Consumers Can Affordably Deploy the World's First Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1) Digital Video Security System

Jun 22, 2005

DRAPER, Utah and HOUSTON (June 22, 2005) - WiLife, together with Texas Instruments (TI) [NYSE: TXN] and Microsoft technology, today announced a technology integration designed to create the world's first do-it-yourself, professional-grade digital video surveillance system for the residential and small office marketplace. WiLife's LukWerks video surveillance system is based on TI's TMS320DM64xTM DSP generation-based digital media processors and incorporates a distinctive design made possible by the integration of Windows Media Video 9 (Microsoft's implementation of VC-1, the proposed SMPTE standard) advanced video compression technology on the digital media processor. 
"Traditional embedded processors and video compression technologies used in the security industry didn't accomplish our goals," said Andrew Hartsfield, chief executive officer, WiLife. "With our selection of TI's DSP-based digital media processor and Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1) algorithms, LukWerks is able to provide both the processing power and bandwidth needed to efficiently handle the tasks required to give consumers a professional grade experience at a fraction of the cost."
LukWerks is the first consumer-focused system to integrate TI's DM64xTM generation of chips and Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1) directly into video surveillance cameras. By pushing the processing power to the edge of the surveillance network, LukWerks is able to perform video compression, video streaming and motion detection inside the cameras and relieve the personal computer of performing these resource-consuming tasks. In doing so, LukWerks is able to leverage the existing infrastructure in homes and businesses, including personal computers, media center computers, digital video recorders, media gateways and set-top boxes, thus eliminating the need for traditional, expensive and complex professionally-installed hardware. 
"The LukWerks solution from WiLife is a great example of innovative consumer-facing technology, taking advantage of the unmatched quality, capabilities and scalability of Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1)," said Kevin Unangst, director of Windows Digital Media at Microsoft Corp. "WiLife's commitment to cutting-edge solutions and compatibility with PCs and other devices will ensure an affordable, high-quality experience."
The advanced compression algorithms of Windows Media Video 9 (VC-1) enable LukWerks to give consumers the highest quality viewing experience in bandwidth-constrained homes and small businesses.
The multi-billion dollar U.S. video surveillance market continues to be the fastest growing segment of the security industry, but traditional systems have remained out of reach to small business and home consumers due to associated hardware and installation costs. LukWerks is the first system to specifically address these consumers, building a cost-effective, professional-grade PC-based system that enables remote viewing, digital motion-based recording and e-mail notification of motion-triggered events detected by cameras. WiLife's LukWerks allows consumers to monitor businesses and homes remotely from mobile devices, including Windows Mobile phones and Pocket PCs, and record all motion-based activity.
"TI's DM64x digital media processors provide significant video performance and headroom for additional features. WiLife took advantage of this functionality to develop digital video surveillance systems solutions for mainstream consumers that are feature-rich, affordable, easy to install and sleek in design," said Yvonne Cager, video solutions business manager, TI.
LukWerks is expected to be available nationally through Radio Shack and other leading retail outlets in the fourth quarter of 2005. For more information about TI's DM64x DSP-based digital media processors, see www.ti.com/dm64x