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TI Introduces High-Voltage Version of Industry-Leading Current-Feedback Amplifier

Jun 8, 2005

DALLAS (June 8, 2005) - Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) announced today that it has extended the operating voltage of its popular high-speed, current-feedback amplifier with a new high voltage version. The new version matches the original device´s fast slew rate and settling time, high bandwidth and low input referred voltage noise while extending the operating voltage to 37V. The THS3001HV is ideal for large-signal applications requiring excellent transient response, low noise and low distortion, such as in test and measurement, communications and imaging. (See www.ti.com/sc05130.)

The THS3001HV extends the performance of the THS3001, the industry´s fastest 33V high-speed, current feedback amplifier, to 37V (±18.5V) power supply systems to allow for increased output voltage swings up to 33V peak-to-peak and increased common-mode operating range. The THS3001 outperforms competing devices in bandwidth, slew rate and distortion performance. The THS3001HV features the same fast slew rate of 6500V/µs, 40 ns settling time, 420 MHz bandwidth and 1.6 nV/rtHz input referred voltage noise plus the extended voltage range.
The THS3001HV is available now in volume from TI and its authorized distributors in an eight-pin mini small-outline package (MSOP) with PowerPad®. The device will also be available mid-summer 2005 in an eight-pin small-outline integrated circuit (SOIC) package. Suggested resale pricing in quantities of 1,000 is $5.00 for the commercial temperature grade (0C to 70C) and $5.15 for the industrial temperature grade (-40C to 85C). Samples are available for 24-hour delivery.

Key Features

  • High Speed 
  • 420 MHz bandwidth (G = 1, -3 dB) 
  • 6500 V/µs slew rate (Vcc = ±15 V, 20V step) 
  • 40 ns settling time (0.1%, Vcc = ±15 V, 10V step) 
  • High output drive, IO = 100 mA 
  • Excellent video performance 
  • 115 MHz bandwidth (0.1 dB, G = 2) 
  • 0.01% differential gain 
  • 0.02° differential phase 
  • Low 1 mV (typ) input offset voltage 
  • Very low distortion (Vcc = ±15V, 2Vpp, RL=150 ohms) 
  • THD = -96 dBc at f = 1 MHz 
  • THD = -80 dBc at f = 10 MHz 
  • Wide range of power supplies 
  • Vcc = 9V (±4.5V) to 37V (±18.5V) 
  • Low Quiescent Current 
  • Icc = 6.9mA (typ at Vcc=37V)

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