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Texas Instruments Presented with Three AnalogZONE Product of the Year Awards

Feb 20, 2004

HOUSTON (Feb. 20, 2004) - AnalogZONE, a premier source for electronic design engineers, presented three 2003 "Product of the Year" awards to Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today at the TI Developer Conference in Houston, Texas. The three awards illustrate TI's ability to leverage its technology leadership to deliver truly innovative solutions that meet customers' high-performance, real world signal processing requirements. The winners were selected by AnalogZONE based on the product's performance, anticipated market success, and likely contribution to the field of analog engineering and product design.

The ADS5500 14-bit, 125MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) won the "Best Performance ADC in CMOS" award, the SRC419x sample rate converters were selected as the "Best Professional Audio Product," and the TNETV1060 Voice over IP gateway solution received the "Best SoHo/Access Product" award.
"We are honored that AnalogZONE has selected TI for three Product of the Year awards," said Gregg Lowe, senior vice president of TI's high-performance analog business. "These innovative products showcase TI's first-rate design resources and world-class process technologies and will enable customers to differentiate their products from the competition."
AnalogZONE is a premier source for design engineers working in the fields of power management, audio/video, acquisition, HF/RF, i/o, networking and green engineering. Product reviews, technical and application notes, news headlines, and guest editorials - along with commentary by Editor-in-Chief Paul McGoldrick and other ZONE editors - keep readers current, knowledgeable and informed in an independent arena.

About the ADS5500

The ADS5500 14-bit, 125MSPS ADC combines speed, performance and power attributes unmatched in the data converter market. Featuring 70dB SNR and 82dB SFDR at 100-MHz input frequency allows increased system capabilities in advanced communications, test and measurement, medical, video and imaging applications, while the low total power dissipation (750mW) improves system reliability and allows higher channel density. For more information on the ADS5500, visit www.ti.com/sc03242.

About the SRC419x

The SRC4192 and SRC4193, developed by the company´s Burr-Brown Pro Audio group, are the industry´s highest performance sample rate converters. Featuring 144dB dynamic range and -140dB distortion, the devices achieve a level of performance that allows sample rate conversion to be transparent in the audio signal path, which is ideal for professional audio systems, such as digital mixing consoles, digital audio workstations, audio distribution, high-end A/V receivers and broadcast studio equipment. For more information on this device, visit www.ti.com/sc03146.

About the TNETV1060

The TNETV1060 is a highly integrated VoIP software and silicon system-on-a-chip based on TI´s DSP technology and award-winning Telogy Software®. Designed to address the requirements of residential and small office/home office (SOHO) gateways, the TNETV1060 features unique expansion capabilities that enable customers to scale their gateway products to larger business applications requiring additional voice channels. By integrating key solution elements onto the chip, TI reduces the solution´s bill of materials cost and component count, affording greater cost savings to gateway manufacturers. For more information on this solution, visit www.ti.com/voip.