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TI's Low Cost Motor Control Development Tools Allow Designers to Add Advanced Features Quickly, Easily For A Variety of Motors

An Extensive Suite of Free and Low Cost Tools Enable Increased System Capabilities and Lower Cost For Brushless To Complex Alternating Current Induction Motors

Jan 28, 2004

HOUSTON (January 28, 2004) –Designed to accelerate the development of embedded motor control systems, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced immediate availability of a suite of low cost motor control tools, including:

  • DMC550 motor development board ($495)
  • Code Composer Studio™ (CCStudio) integrated development environment (IDE) ($495)
  • TMS320LF2407A eZdsp development platform ($295)
  • Digital motor control software library (DMCLib) of pre-written motor specific algorithms (no cost). 
  • To obtain more information on TI´s motor control development tools or to purchase these tools, see www.ti.com/dmctools.


Targeting systems that require advanced features like sensorless alternating current (AC) induction vector control, current shaped switched reluctance control and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) servo control, these low cost and free software and hardware tools simplify the evaluation, development and execution of code on TMS320C2000™ digital signal controllers.


About TI´s complete, motor control hardware and software tools

  • DMC550 Motor Development Board:  The DMC550 development board is designed as a drive controller for brushless direct current (BLDC) motors. Providing a complete design solution by integrating with CCStudio and the LF2407A eZdsp, the DMC550 reduces a designers’ development time by offering one system that allows for the evaluation, development and implementation of code on TMS320C24x™ digital signal controllers. 

  • Code Composer Studio: CCStudio v2.2 is a powerful set of integrated development tools including DSP/BIOS 3 kernel [BIOS is the kernel], code-generation tools, fast simulators and a debugger that can be enhanced with plug-ins to enable faster time to market with real-time embedded applications.  Motor control developers can now benefit from fast simulators for deeper visibility and quick problem resolution, as well as real time data exchange (RTDX) channel status viewer for better management of real-time motor control applications

  • TMS320LF2407A eZdsp development platform: Compatible with CCStudio, the LF2407A eZdsp is a standalone development platform for demonstrating and running software and allows designers to easily start hardware and software development on LF2407A digital signal controllers. 

  • Digital Motor Control Software Library:  TI´s extensive application-specific software, DMCLib, covers a full range of motors types, including single and 3-phase, sensored and sensorless, alternating current induction (ACI), BLDC, permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) and switched reluctance (SR) motors.  DMCLib reduces development and costs by allowing designers to use pre-written, motor specific algorithms as a foundation to their code.

TMS320C2000™ Digital Signal Controllers Ideal for Motor Control Applications


TI´s motor control development tools are designed specifically for the C2000™ platform of digital signal controllers.  C2000 controllers are optimized for control applications and provide the best combination of microcontroller (MCU) peripheral integration and ease-of-use with the performance of TI´s leading digital signal processing (DSP) technology.  The high level of integration and performance of C2000 controllers allows designers to add additional features to their systems, helping to provide better feedback and precision while reducing overall costs.


Low-cost and Free Development Tools Available Now


TI´s complete motor control tools are available now for designers to start implementing their designs at www.ti.com/dmctools.