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TI's Digital Media Processors Obtain Industry's First Video and Audio Encoder Certification for Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series

Comprehensive Video and Imaging Solutions Offer Designers Optimal Performance, Programmability and Price for Consumer Electronic Devices

Jan 13, 2004

DALLAS (January 14, 2004) -Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced that the TMS320C64xTM digital signal processor (DSP) core-based digital media processors have achieved the first real-time video and audio encoder certification for Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series. They have also achieved certification for their real-time video and audio decoder. The first to market with certification means developers can design products today that deliver end-to-end streaming multimedia, from content authoring to delivery and playback for today´s consumer electronic devices. (For more information, see www.ti.com/windowsmedianr.) 
Windows Media 9 Series delivers high quality audio and video quality at any bit rate - from dial-up to broadband, for streaming, download-and-play, and delivery of content on physical media - with compression improvements over other technologies. TI's testing has shown efficiencies of 20 percent for audio and 15 to 50 percent for video. The comprehensive platform also provides scalability and reliability, enabling developers to build on existing functionality and integrate technology into complete solutions for advanced audio and video entertainment products.
Built on the high performance architecture of TI´s C64xTM generation of DSPs, the suite of TMS320DM64x digital media processors brings Windows Media 9 Series audio and video quality to consumer electronics OEMs of set top boxes, personal video recorders, and digital media receivers looking for cost effective and flexible DSP-based designs to keep up with ever changing technology demands. TI´s digital media processors deliver exceptional video quality with next-generation functionality and real-time D1 (720x480) resolution encode and decode at 30 frames per second using Windows Media 9 Series. Additional performance improvements, including high definition decode, along with standard definition encoder and decoder certification, will be demonstrated at the TI 2004 Developer Conference on February 18 - 20. (For more information on the TI Developer Conference, please see: www.ti.com/tidc04mr.)
"TI's technology strengths in digital media, relationships with influential video and imaging third parties, and industry-leading processing performance provides the total systems solution needed to develop a broad range of high-quality video products," said Amir Majidimehr, vice president of Windows Media Technology at Microsoft Corp. "The programmability and flexibility of the DM64x processors will promote the adoption of Window Media 9 Series on a wide spectrum of multimedia consumer electronics devices that can be distributed in and beyond the home."

Extensive Third-Party Network and Software Tools Available for Fast Design-In

Leveraging TI´s technology and network of video and imaging third parties, enables consumer electronics OEMs and networking equipment manufacturers to reduce their design time, lower overall system cost and bring products to market quickly. 

TI has collaborated with numerous development partners to offer production-ready reference designs, embedded operating systems and media codecs that device manufacturers can easily port to this suite of digital media processors.

"Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series certification demonstrates our commitment to provide customers with easier product integration and differentiation, as well as assuring faster time-to-market," said Greg Delagi, vice president, DSP, TI. "By achieving certification on the DM64x digital media processors and the availability of our development kit, integration has just become easier for designers of these digital audio and video products."