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TI's High Performance Digital Amplifier Technology Ideal for Jamo and KiSS DVD Receivers

Digital Audio Solutions by TI Meet Manufacturers' Demanding Audio Quality Standards

Dec 14, 2003

DALLAS (Dec. 15, 2003) - Helping audio brands meet the audio fidelity needs of the DVD receiver market, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced that Jamo and KiSS Technology are shipping TI´s high-performance digital audio amplifiers in their home theater systems. Both the Jamo DVR-50 DVD receiver and the KiSS DP-470 DVD receiver incorporate TI´s PurePath DigitalTM amplifiers to meet stringent audio quality demands while minimizing space and cost. The Jamo DVR 50 and the KiSS DP-470 DVD receivers utilize the same technology platform from TI, and both are available now through major retailers in Europe, the United States and Asia. (See www.ti.com/digitalaudio5.)
"We have a very high standard for audio sound quality, and TI's digital amplifier technology was the only solution that met our requirements," said Bo Lustrup, KiSS Technology's marketing manager. "The sound quality on our DVD receiver is crucial, and TI's digital amplifier helps us get the maximum sound quality, while keeping size to a minimum. The development of the DP-470 DVD receiver with DivX playback in cooperation with TI has been a good experience and the support from TI has been excellent."
The DVD receivers employ TI's TAS5110, a 50-Watt (W) digital amplifier power stage with an integrated H-bridge, and the TAS5026, a six-channel pulse-width-modulator (PWM) processor, both specifically designed for the DVD receiver market. The TAS5110 provides low thermal dissipation with efficiencies up to 90 percent. The TAS5026 provides a system signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of up to 96 dB and optimizes the implementation costs of digital amplifiers in multi-channel systems. Together, this chipset provides a complete digital amplifier solution.
Jamo´s award winning DVR 50 DVD receiver has already been named a "Testwinner," "Best Buy," "Editors Choice" and "All in one system of the year" by a number of leading European consumer electronics magazines for its exceptional audio fidelity. Jamo executive brand director, Leif Schmucker, attributes a share of the product´s success to TI. "We evaluated extensively the available digital amp offerings in the market and found that TI´s tight bass, expressive mid-range and clear high-end was far and away the best technology in the market," Schmucker said.

TI´s PurePath Digital Audio Technology

The DVD receivers from Jamo and KiSS leverage TI´s PurePath Digital technology, which allows consumer electronics manufacturers to build completely digital, end-to-end audio products with cutting-edge sound reproduction and the most lifelike sound. In addition, the high efficiency of this technology enables compact consumer products. By reproducing movie soundtracks or music exactly the way the artist intended, PurePath Digital technology offers the best in high-end digital entertainment to the everyday consumer. PurePath Digital technology complements other TI digital and analog products that support audio applications, such as digital signal processors (DSPs), switch mode power management, headphone amps, digital interface and audio data converters.