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Industry's Hottest Applications to be Showcased at Texas Instruments 2004 Developer Conference

Industry experts will lead sessions that include hands-on labs, tutorials and workshops focusing on video, imaging, audio, security and more

Dec 10, 2003

HOUSTON (December 10, 2003) – Continuing to educate today's developers of signal processing technologies, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE:  TXN) today announces the Texas Instruments Developer Conference (TIDC), designed specifically for new and experienced designers, engineers, developers, project managers and educators.  This three-day event, scheduled for February 18-20, 2004, will focus on learning through hands-on interaction with the latest technological advances in the high-performance analog and digital signal processing areas of video, imaging, control, telecom, audio, and security.  It will also contain partner-specific sessions for university and third party attendees.  For more details on the conference or to register, visit www.ti.com/tidc04mr .   

Conference attendees will learn about complete system solutions and the latest in signal processing design on topics such as high-performance analog, digital signal processing (DSP), and Digital Light Processing™ (DLP), through demonstrations, presentations, exhibits, hands-on workshops and networking activities.  An enhanced feature of the conference is the Ask the Expert program, where attendees will have the opportunity to interact with more than 50 industry experts, who will share in-depth information to help solve design challenges. 

"This conference was driven by and developed with our customers in mind.  They and other attendees will benefit from a wealth of information including innovative design and development techniques, tips to get to market faster, case studies and more," said Rich Templeton, executive vice president and chief operating officer, TI.  "For this year's conference, we have enhanced our technical offerings as well as networking opportunities for our customers and developers to meet more experts than ever before."

Participants in TIDC can see technology demonstrations from more than 60 companies who offer solutions to meet developers' needs.  Attendees can customize their own agenda by choosing from the following sessions: 

  • Solutions

    • Video/Imaging – TIDC will help developers understand and learn how to overcome some of the unique video/imaging challenges they face.  They will also learn  about the flexibility of video/imaging solutions

    • Control – Pressure to increase features and functionality while at the same time reducing costs and time to market are real-world issues motor control designers face on a daily basis.  Obtain a range of information, from general to in-depth, on how to maximize the latest development tools for motor control processors Telecom –  Learn how an open DSP architecture can be used in a variety of client side telephony applications for wired and wireless networks as well as gain insights into the technology available for applications ranging from SOHO PABX systems to high-density VoIP systems

    • Audio – The rapidly changing world of high-performance audio requires developers to be flexible with designs. Learn how to leverage the programmability performance  headroom and design flexibility of TI's leading high-performance analog and DSP technologies for consumer and professional audio applications

    • Security – As security needs for personal, company and government use grows, this exciting field of signal processing is helping to define the next level of safety measures.  Discover the latest technological advances in network and physical data security applications and designs

  • Hardware/Software tools

    • New User – Learn the basics on topics such as understanding I/O DSP architecture, code generation, interfacing between system components and system power management

    • Experienced User – Discover in-depth topics related to embedded system design including high-speed analog interface, multiple DSP system design and advanced feature of tools from code generation, debug and optimization

  • Partner

    • Third Party – TI third party network members will be able to network with developers and learn how to leverage a complete signal processing solutions from other third party members

    • University – Educators and researchers will learn about the latest educational tools and teaching aids available for signal processing technologies

Connecting Real People with Real Solutions

Online registration for the TI Developer Conference is now available, with an early registration discount of $500 off offered through January 16, 2004.  For more information on the conference, specific sessions or to register, please visit www.ti.com/tidc04mr