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GyroSignal, Samsung Electro-Mechanics and TBK DAB Modules Can Supply Brands Lowest Cost, Lowest Supply Risk and Excellent Customer Support

Nov 12, 2003

DALLAS (Nov. 13, 2003) - Since the March 2003 availability of the first DAB module based on Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) technology, a majority of digital radio brands in the UK have decided to use TI´s advanced digital radio baseband and analog chipset. Six of the nine brands using modules that have come to market for the first time, or switched silicon solutions, have chosen TI´s DSP-based baseband and analog chipset, including Acoustic Solutions Limited, Cambridge Audio, Hitachi, Intempo, Morphy Richards and Roberts Radio Limited. GyroSignal, Samsung Electro-Mechanics and TBK Electronics are the leading module makers that are leveraging TI´s chipset along with software from RadioScape, and can supply these digital radio brands with the lowest cost modules, a wide selection to choose from and excellent support that speeds time to market. (See www.ti.com/scdr6.)

"With current sales at 135 percent of last year, and this year's record setting-numbers that could possibly triple last year's volume, we expect the DAB market to become one of the fastest-growing emerging markets in history," said Ian Dickens, chief executive of Digital Radio Development Bureau (DRDB). "This growth has been spurred by companies such as TI, providing cost-effective, pioneering chipsets that allow manufacturers to meet consumer demand."
Based on these chipsets, the modules get complete DAB receivers to market quickly not only by eliminating much of the hardware and software design work, but also through superior customer support. In addition, the modules' prices, which are the lowest in the industry, help the brands minimize costs. As the market continues to rapidly grow, TI-based chipsets will be available from multiple module makers around the world, providing brands the choice of several suppliers and avoiding any potential supply issues associated with a relying on a single module supplier.
"As the global technology and market leader in the terrestrial digital radio chip industry, TI has ushered in a new era of innovation to this burgeoning DAB market," said Naresh Coppisetti, Digital Radio business manager at TI. "With the help of these module makers, TI has enabled the most brands to come to market in the last six months, including two that switched designs from TI's competitors. TI has built tremendous momentum in the Eureka DAB market this year, and with the launch of our second-generation chipset, based on the TMS320DRE310 and RadioScape's innovative software, we will enhance our leadership position."

Keeping in step with the market, some of the home and handheld radio products that have been released since March 2003 leveraging TI´s cost-efficient chipset include:

  • Acoustic Solutions´ SP111 DAB / FM hi-fi tuner is currently available at retail stores 
  • Cambridge Audio will be shipping a new hi-fi tuner in early 2004, the 640T, which can receive DAB and FM with RDS 
  • Hitachi will be shipping a DAB-enabled home audio system by the end of the year 
  • Intempo Digital´s PG-01 tabletop radio with alarm clock capabilities is sold at retail stores today 
  • Morphy Richards will begin shipping two mains battery portable radios in the fourth quarter of 2003 
  • Roberts Radio is now shipping two mains battery portable radios 

The GyroSignal, Samsung and TBK Eureka 147 DAB modules are all available for design today. To receive more information on each of the following please contact: