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TI Launches High-Performance Analog Third Party Developer Network and Demonstration Platform Tools

Nov 6, 2003

DALLAS (Nov. 6, 2003) – Providing designers with new tools that accelerate product development and reduce time to market, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today announced the formation of its High-Performance Analog (HPA) Third Party Developer Network and unveiled three application-focused demonstration platforms.

“With a focus on developing tools that make it easier for our customers to choose and use high performance analog products from TI, we are excited to announce these new resources,” said Gregg Lowe, senior vice president for TI’s high-performance analog division.  “The demonstration platforms highlight TI’s analog and mixed-signal systems expertise and package it so designers have all the information they need to build a complete application-focused system.   The HPA Third Party Developer Network provides designers access to “best fit” system solutions, developed and tested in collaboration with TI’s third party developers.” 

Designers Benefit from Cost, Level of Optimization

TI’s platform technology works as a blueprint for designers, effectively decreasing design time by providing the customer with all schematics, gerbers, firmware, software, bill-of-materials – everything to rebuild the platform – and the documentation to understand it. A cross between evaluation models, which are intended for general-purpose designs, and reference designs, which are optimized for individual applications, TI’s platforms give engineers more time to invest in design, while lowering overall project cost by eliminating months of system integration.

Current platforms

  • The quad-channel thermal electric cooler platform demonstrates high-precision temperature regulation, within 0.1ºC, of four temperature channels (for example, EDFA pump lasers) using a single TMS320F2812 digital signal controller with an integrated 12-bit analog to digital converter (ADC) and other HPA components, such as power management, signal conditioning, data acquisition and pulse width modulator (PWM) drivers. 
  • Industrial control solutions via the Controlled Area Network (CAN) bus demo platform include three demo boards interconnected through cables supporting the CAN bus and demonstrating heat sensing, light intensity measurement, motor functions, and the industry’s first 3.3 V/5 V mixed voltage CAN bus capability using TI’s SN65HVD230/251 CAN bus transceivers. 
  • The low-cost video interface demo platform shows how to connect a lower cost TMS320C6204™, TMS320C6205™ or TMS320C6711™ DSP to TI’s single TVP5150 or multi-channel TVP5145 video decoder through an inexpensive FPGA. 

“The thermal electric cooler evaluation kit helped us to study capabilities of TI’s F2812 digital signal controller as well as TI's power management devices suitable for the application. We now have a better understanding of how to best utilize this to stabilize the temperature of our 3D scanner,” said Alex Sherstuk, engineering manager for Basis Software, Inc. “In addition we discovered that the F2812 digital signal controller can solve some issues with motion control in electromechanical laser deflection systems.”  

With regard to motion control issues, the F2812 performance allows for more complicated algorithms which provide for motors to run with higher precision for smoother starts, less torque ripple and torque at 0 rpm.

In addition to the current platforms, a powerline energy metering system is under development for release in early 2004. Developers can obtain more information about current and emerging platforms at http://www.ti.com/platforms.

Third Party Developer Network Accelerates Development Efforts

Building on the success of the TI DSP Third Party Network, which currently consists of more than 650 participating independent companies, the TI HPA Third Party Developer Network provides designers access to some of the most sophisticated systems knowledge available today. TI’s HPA third parties fall into three categories:

  • Device Specific – pertaining to a specific HPA device;
  • Module Specific – pertaining to more than one HPA device; and
  • End Equipment – pertaining to full end equipment development.

A complete list of TI’s HPA third parties is available online at http://www.ti.com/analog3p. Companies interested in joining the network can contact TI at hpa-3p-inquiries@list.ti.com.   Developers looking for third party resources will find consulting support and contact information for TI’s third party partners directly at http://www.ti.com/analog3p.

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